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Welcome to our printable crossword puzzles; this puzzle is from our Sports topic list using words related to Football. Simply print the crossword puzzle from your browser; if you want to make changes, click the edit puzzle button and it will take you to a screen where you can edit the words and appearance of this puzzle. We've also got a word scramble maker and word search maker which uses the same wordbank.

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Here's a puzzle about Football words.

3 h a n d o f 11 f
1 f 6 b m 15 d
i o 9 a u d i b l e
e m l a
2 b l i 4 t z 8 b a c k f 14 i e l d
d o n b
7 q u a r t e r b a c k a
5 p c o l
o 10 h o l d i n g m l
c d p
k 13 d o w n 16 t a c k l i n g
e w e
12 t u r n o v e r t
17 l a t e r a l
  • 2: defense rushes line, sacks QB
  • 3: QB hands ball to back
  • 7: offense leader
  • 8: behind the line of scrimmage
  • 9: Quarterback verbally changes the play
  • 10: grabbing / hooking foul
  • 12: involuntary loss of ball
  • 13: chance to gain 10 yards
  • 16: getting ball carrier to ground
  • 17: Pass: throw as many as you like
  • 1: ___ goal, by kicking ball
  • 4: scoring
  • 5: where QB protected by blockers
  • 6: long pass
  • 11: dropped ball
  • 14: ___ pass, hits ground first
  • 15: ball after play is over