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Welcome to our printable crossword puzzles; this puzzle is from our Sports topic list using words related to Baseball. Simply print the crossword puzzle from your browser; if you want to make changes, click the edit puzzle button and it will take you to a screen where you can edit the words and appearance of this puzzle. We've also got a word scramble maker and word search maker which uses the same wordbank.

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Here's a little puzzle about baseball

1 f l y 2 b a l 4 l 10 m
o i o
t n u
3 c a t c h e r 9 f n
h o 8 l o a d e d
a m 7 g s
n 6 s h o r t s t o p 15 s
g a b t
e n 14 b a t 16 t e r
5 o u t f i e l d l r i
p s l i k
12 b l p e
11 f o u l b a l l l
n m e
13 h i t t e r
  • 1: goes high in the air
  • 2: doesn't enter strike zone, not struck at by batter
  • 3: directly behind home plate
  • 5: outside the four bases
  • 6: between 2nd and 3rd
  • 8: bases ___, players on all 3
  • 11: outside 1st/3rd base lines
  • 13: designated _____, bats instead of pitcher
  • 14: offensive player
  • 2: second half
  • 3: slow looks like fast
  • 4: __drive, doesn't touch ground
  • 7: 4 runs scored
  • 9: pitch at up to 100mph
  • 10: pitchers place
  • 12: light hit, just touches bat
  • 15: legal pitch
  • 16: third base w/o stopping