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Word Scrambles / Anagrams

We've got a variety of solvers adapted to solve word scrambles, anagram puzzles, word jumbles , and other scrambled word games.


Our scrabble solvers can help you find the highest scoring words in your hand.

Crosswords / Hangman

Do you know a couple of letters in a word and are trying to guess the rest? Then these are the solvers for you. They even predict the best next letter to guess.

Boggle - Grid Search

These solvers are for word grid games such as Boggle and its many variants. This includes a solver for Scramble with Friends and larger boggle grids (5x5, 6x6...).

Cryptography Tools

Cryptogram Helper

This solver guesses words where you know the sequence of potential letters but not the letters themselves. It takes the pattern of the unknown letters and identifies words that fit that pattern. This can be very helpful when you're trying to solve a cryptogram.

Simple Cipher Decoders

We've assembled a large collection of resources to help you encode and decode secret messages using pen and paper cryptography. If you're wondering where to start, take a look at our Guide To Classical Cryptography. These cipher tools are designed to be mobile-phone friendly, so you can use them in the field for games like Geocaching and Ingress. These three decoding tools cover some of the more common simple ciphers.

Intermediate Cipher Tools

We've also got tools to help you encode and decode messages in several more advanced ciphers: mixed alphabet substitution ciphers (aka. keyword ciphers), Vigenere Ciphers, and columnar transposition ciphers. These cipher tools are also designed to be mobile-phone friendly.

These ciphers generally take a little more effort to break - automated attacks may be required. For an example of this in practice, take a look at our presentation for PyATL on cracking a substitution cipher using Python and the hill climbing algorithm.

History Word Puzzles

American History


Need a custom puzzle for a class or special event? Check out our free printable puzzlemakers. They're perfect for helping study chemistry, creating a puzzle for your cub scout troop, or making a perfect icebreaker for your best friend's bridal shower or rehersal dinner.


Welcome to Hanging Hyena. This site started as a quick hack one Thanksgiving weekend a couple of years ago and has grown into a comprehensive collection of games, word solvers, cryptography tools, and printable puzzle makers.

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