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Word Games, Puzzle Solvers, and Cryptography

Have Solver, Will Travel....

Welcome to our collection of mobile-phone friendly puzzle solvers and word game tools. This site started as a quick hack one Thanksgiving weekend a couple of years ago and has grown into a comprehensive collection of word game solvers, cryptography decoders, and creativity tools. We have also launched our first online puzzle games: one focused on solving cryptograms and another focused on finding the anagrams of a scrambled word.

Word Solvers

  • Crosswords / Hangman - Find Missing Letters

    Do you know a couple of letters in a word and are trying to guess the rest? Then these are the solvers for you. Our Hangman solver, the original focus of this site, identifies which words are a fit with the letters you know and suggests (using statistical analysis) which letters to guess next....

  • Cryptogram Helper - Solve Sequences of Unknown Letters

    This solver is intended to help you guess words where you know the sequence of potential letters but not the letters themselves. For example, if you're trying to guess an eight letter word with two pairs of double letters. It takes the pattern of the unknown letters and identifies words that fit that pattern. This can be very helpful when you're trying to solve a cryptogram.

  • Boggle - Find Words In A Grid

    This collection of solvers is for word grid games such as Boggle and its many variants. This includes a solver for Scramble with Friends and larger boggle grids (5x5, 6x6...).

  • Word Scrambles / Anagrams - More Solvers

    We've got a variety of solvers adapted to solve word scrambles, anagram puzzles, word jumbles, and other scrambled word games.

  • Scrabble - Rearrange Scrambled Words

    Our scrabble solvers can help you find the highest scoring words in your hand. Results are sorted by points score and you've got the ability to identify tiles already on the board which you can use to build larger words...

Word Finders - Practical

  • Spell Phone Number Words

    Curious about what words you can spell with a phone number? Feed the phone number into this word finder tool and it will generate a list of matches with common dictionary words.

  • Word Pattern Finder

    This version of our word solver software is designed to help you find all of the words with a particular sequence of letters, regardless of their length. It's great for looking at root-words (in the demo, which English words contain "azul" or identifying words in common use which contain a prefix or suffix.

Puzzle Games

  • Cryptogram Game

    One of our newest offerings, our Cryptogram Puzzle game is a challenging test of how fast you can decode a secret message based on a popular quote. Compete with other players to solve messages as fast as possible, using as few hints as you can. We have several collections of quotes grouped by topic (Humor, Biblical, Literature) along with curated puzzle lists based on popular movies and TV shows.

  • Word Scramble Game

    How many word ninja's are hiding in this anagram? This latest game involves finding all of the possible words in an anagram of scrambled letters; we've scrubbed out the really obscure ones (although they still count, if you know them!) and challenged you to find the rest. Quickly! The faster you find them, the higher your score! Can you beat the word ninjas? Or will they slip away into the night once again...


  • Simple Cipher Decoders

    We've assembled a large collection of resources to help you encode and decode secret messages using pen and paper cryptography. If you're wondering where to start, take a look at our Guide To Classical Cryptography. These cipher tools are designed to be mobile-phone friendly, so you can use them in the field for games like Geocaching and Ingress. These three decoding tools cover some of the more common simple ciphers.

  • Intermediate Cipher Tools

    We've also got tools to help you encode and decode messages in several more advanced ciphers: mixes alphabet substitution ciphers (aka. keyword ciphers), Vigenere Ciphers, and columnar transposition ciphers. These generally take a little more effort to break - for an example of an automated attack on a mixed-alphabet substitution cipher, take a look at our recent presentation for PyATL on hill climbing algorithms in Python. These cipher tools are also designed to be mobile-phone friendly.

  • Sorta Secure Comm (For Ingress & Video Games)

    This tool was developed to help you communicate securely with your team-mates when playing a video games that use a public chat channel (this is a common problem in Ingress; the other side can easily monitor your activity in faction chat via alt accounts). It's mobile friendly - type your letters into the box, hit translate, and copy the results into chat to send to your friend.

Printable Puzzle Worksheet Makers

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