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Words Worth 11 Points


Words Worth 10 Points


Words Worth 9 Points

yeh hay yah hey

Words Worth 7 Points

yean haen

Words Worth 6 Points

yea any aye nah yen hae hen nay

Words Worth 5 Points

eh ah ay ya ye ha he

Words Worth 3 Points

ane nae

Words Worth 2 Points

en ae an na ne

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Tips To Improve Your Scrabble Score

Want a better score in Scrabble? Stuck playing tiles and options that don't make sense? No worries, here are some tips to make your game a better experience. We have a technical option for immediate help and some strategy tips for longer term growth. This solver is presented for entertainment purposes and should be used cautiously in any actual scrabble games. We do not recommend using it for serious play, although it can be a hilarious way to even the odds with a human dictionary. For REAL long term score improvement, take a look at the tips below.

If you're completely stuck finding a word to make with your letters and need ideas now, try the Scrabble Helper on this page. This is a fast dictionary search which finds words you can make from your tiles. It also calculates how many points words with friends will award you for that word. The scrabble helper has a couple of options to help you. First, if you have a blank tile, enter ? or * into the scrabble cheat tool. Second, it has options to let you build words from letters already on the board. Enter the word you want to build off of using the "starts with" or "ends with" entry boxes. If you want to include a specific letter on the board (eg. building across an existing word), simply add it to your rack.

To really maximize your score, look for opportunities to play short words and build off tiles which are already on the board. While massive 50 point triple-word value smackdowns are fun to talk about, consistent play beats big plays. Look for little words you can build off another word or letter on the board. Pluralizations, Prefixes, and Suffixes are great for this. So are little three letter words you can play off an existing word on the board. The letter S is pure gold. Incidently, Words With Friends has a fairly liberal plural detector, so there's no shame in just dropping an S on the end of a word and seeing if the game accepts it.

Pay careful attention to what letters are left in your hand. Managing the space available on the board can also be important. If you see a good opening (double or triple word score next to an existing word), make sure to grab it or block it from the other player. This is another skill that can help you steadily add points to your score with each round (while controlling how much your opponent can score).

Another scrabble tip - don't waste time with bad tiles. It's often better to quickly swap out a bunch of tiles that don't work than struggle with bad words for a couple of turns. A well balanced rack opens up a larger set of words to play. Vowels in particular are one type of tile you should keep moving. Having more than a couple of vowels on your rack can quickly choke off your options.

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