Final Exam Calculator

You Need to Score: 97.00%

On your final exam to get a final course grade of 90%. Good Luck!

Ever Ask Yourself What Grade You Needed to Pass?

This finals calculator figures out what grade you need on your final exam to earn the score you want (or need) for the course. Enter your current grade average in the first box. Enter the course grade you want in the second. And tell the calculator how much the final exam is worth in the third box. Then press the large (friendly) button. The Calculator will figure out what grade you need on your final to earn a course grade of X.

Trying to earn an A? Then enter 90 or 91 in the second box and the calculator will tell you how well you need to do on your final to get an A.

Just trying to pass your class? No worries, this works for you as well. Enter the minimum required grade (usually a 70) in the second box and the final exam calculator will tell you how well you need to do on your finals to pass your class.

Get a result that is more than 100? That means that you're going to need to do some extra credit to get that grade. In some cases, professors put extra credit questions on the final exam which can get you extra points. In other cases, you may need to do a make up assignment or write another term paper. It never hurts to ask.

The math behind the final exam calculator isn't rocket science. We're basically just taking the gap between what your current grade is and what your desired grade is. But using the final exam calculator is a lot easier than doing it in your head!

This finals calculator is designed to work well on mobile phones, to give you prompt relief for finals stress. Or at least, a reason to go study (or party) some more. Please let us know if it misbehaves.

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