Final Grade Calculator

Calculates the grade you need on the final to earn a specific grade for the course.

Final Grade Calculator

You Need to Score: 97.00%

On your final exam to get a final course grade of 90%.
Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions: Final Grade Calculator

How Do I Calculate My Final Grade?

Your final grade for a course is usually based on the sum of the points you earn in various activities over the semester.

What Do I Need On My Final?

Our finals calculator can figure this out for you. Enter your current average grade for the course, your desired final grade, and the course grade you want. The Final Grade Calculator will solve for what you need to earn on your final to get the course grade you desire.

What Is My Current Grade For The Class?

Check your course syllabus, but this should be a weighted average of your assignments, tests, and quizzes. Plus the always popular class participation grade! You need to tally up what you earned (or think you will earn) for each of the items on the syllabus.

How Do You Calculate Grades With Different Weights?

Ah, you need a weighted grade calculator. This takes all of your grades and calculates a weighted average of the grades you earned for the quarter. Your Final Grade represents a piece of this average (usually 25% to 50%, but this may vary by school). Here is a weighted grade calculator that can help you work through the math.

Is a D a Passing Grade?

Yes and No. Earning a D on a course is often sufficient to remove the requirement that you take a particularly elective. A D is not, however, generally looked at favorably by schools in the next step of the process. So if you are on track to receive a D in something important for your future plans, look at either making a significant effort to boost your final grade or retake the course elsewhere.

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