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How To Use This Hangman Solver

  • Select Correct Wordlength (and hit the Redraw button)
  • Enter Letters We Know And Correct Guesses in "Known Letters"
  • Enter Any Incorrect Guesses (or letters that cannot work) in the other box.
  • The list of Suggested Words (And best guesses) will update Automatically.
  • Solving Speed: Be patient with the first guess for a large word; The process speeds up once we know a few letters.
  • Important: In a proper game of hangman, you will see every instance of the letter in a word; this solver assumes this (eg. if the word has a repeat letter, you will know either both positions or none.)
  • Why Did We Update This Solver? To Make It Better for Mobile Phones.
  • Do I have to Read This Essay Again? Nope, we hide it and provide a link.
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Select Word Length

Known Letters (space or ? for Unknown)

Incorrect Guesses / Impossible Letters
Suggested Letters
    E:69% S:58% I:54%
Potential Words: 50 or more
Possible Hangman Words
  • bezazzes
  • guzzling
  • jacquard
  • buzzards
  • pizazzes

Zen And The Art of Pattern Recognition

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