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Possible WWF Words
  • hyena (10 points)
  • yeah (8 points)
  • haen (7 points)
  • hey (7 points)
  • yeh (7 points)
  • Using the WWF Word Generator to Boost Your Score

    Stuck trying to find good words to play for Words With Friends? No worries, we got you covered. This WWF Cheat (a Words with Friends Word Generator) can take your letters and descramble them into words. It then looks at how many points each of these words is worth and ranks them. It can even help you build words using the letters already on the board. The Word Generator is only part of the solution - strategy matters as well. Good Words with Friends players aren't just good at descrambling words; part of the game also involves knowing when to block an opponent or knowing when to swap or draw fresh tiles.

    If you're completely stuck finding a word to make with your letters and need ideas now, try the Words With Friends Helper on this page. This is a fast dictionary search which finds words you can make from your tiles. It also calculates how many points words with friends will award you for that word.

    The words with friends helper has a couple of options to help you. First, if you have a blank tile, enter ? or * into the words with friends cheat tool. Second, it has options to let you build words from letters already on the board. Enter the word you want to build off of using the "starts with" or "ends with" entry boxes. If you want to include a specific letter on the board (eg. building across an existing word), simply add it to your rack. The scoring calculator also includes the "Bingo" bonus which shows if you have the opportunity to use all seven letters on your rack.

    To really maximize your score, look for opportunities to play short words and build off tiles which are already on the board. While it can be fun to unleash a 70 point rack-emptying smackdown on a double word score tile, you are far more likely to play 2 - 4 letters at a time. Look for opportunities to add prefixes and suffixes to existing words. This will earn you the points for the letters already on the board and can pad your score very nicely. The letter S is pure gold. Incidently, Words With Friends has a fairly liberal plural detector, so there's no shame in just dropping an S on the end of a word and seeing if the game accepts it.

    Pay careful attention to what letters are left in your hand. Managing the space available on the board can also be important. If you see a good opening (double or triple word score next to an existing word), make sure to grab it or block it from the other player. This is another skill that can help you steadily add points to your score with each round (while controlling how much your opponent can score). On the same note, don't be reluctant to swap a bad rack of tiles. A single missed round can be better than playing 3 - 4 rounds with bad word options because your rack has too many vowels or consonants.

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