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  • Select Wordlength; Enter known letters
  • System counts words and gives best guess
  • Hit "Generate" Wordlist To See Word List

Word Length

Known Letters (space or ? for Unknown)

Letters You Know Don't Work

Possible Solutions

Pattern Matches: 50 or More Words
Best Guesses: E:69% S:58% I:54%

We find that statistical guessing works well for the first couple of guesses to narrow down the possible words; once you get down below 30 - 40 words, hit "generate wordlist" and focus on common or popular words! Remember, the show is designed to appeal to the "average" american viewer, so the words selected tend to be very common or popular ones.

Important: Solver assumes that if a letter occurs multiple times in a word, you see all of the occurances when you correctly guess the letter.

Using The Wheel of Fortune Solver

I'd like a vowel please!

Playing along with Wheel of Fortune at Home and Stumped? Trying to play the online version of the game and stuck? Need a wheel of fortune cheat? You've come to the right place!

This wheel of fortune solver analyzes the number of letters and the letters that you have or don't have to figure out what the possible solutions are. It also proposes the best letter to guess (based on statistical analysis). It shows you how many words are possible - and when you get close (small number of solutions), you can generate a list of words.

Generally speaking, you want to use statistics to guide your guesses early in a wheel of fortune puzzle. Look at the shape of the word and letter distributions to spot the most likely answers. (Don't worry, the wheel of fortune cheat does this behind the scenes). Once you get down to a handful of possibilities, hit "generate list" and see the words. This is where your intuition can help you narrow the field quickly.

Remember, the show was written for a Middle American audience. So most words used will probably be at or below the 8th grade level in terms of difficulty. You can use this to filter out weird words. Wheel of Fortune wants to challenge their audience - they don't want to routinely "stump them".... This gives you something you can use to guess better.

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