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Scrabble Word Finder

Scrabble Word Finder

Letters On Your Rack
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Scrabble Words
  • hyena
  • haen
  • yean
  • yeah
  • yeh

This scrabble word finder can be used to figure out the words you can build with your rack of letters. Enter your letters in the top box and hit the get words button. Use ? or * for blank tiles. This will update the letters in the solver. Results are ranked by the points scored.

Once you've got your letters entered into the tool, use the additional boxes to help you build off the letters already on the board. If there's an opportunity to build off an existing word by adding letters to the end, use the "starts with" box to tell the solver what you are building from. Similarly, you can use "ends with" when you are adding letters to the front of a word. If you want to build across an existing word, use the includes letter box. If you enter multiple letters in the include letter box, the solver assumes it can only use one of them. Imagine you're building across an existing word and thus can only use one of the letters to put your tile down.

We present a paginated list of words the scrabble word finder identified. These are sorted by points score. Use the arrow buttons to scroll back and forth until you find the word you want. When you're working with the list, be sure to be alert for opportunities to play off special points tiles on the board. These can really boost your score when you find them.

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