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  • hyena
  • haen
  • yean
  • yeah
  • yeh

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FAQ: Using Our Solver To Unscramble Letters

How Do I Unscramble Letters

You can use our letter unscrambler to easily unscramble letters into words. Simply enter your letters into the letter box. Hit the big friendly green button. The solver will unscramble letters, giving you a list of words. Works just fine to unscramble long words. Use the other green buttons to page through the list. And be sure to bookmark us so you can find us again quickly!

Unscramble Letters With Wildcards

If you're trying to solver a letter scramble puzzle with a wildcard character, never fear. Simply enter this wildcard in the solver as either a ? or a *. It will cycle through all of the letters in the alphabet to see what words it can unscramble that include the wildcard tile.

Why is specific word not listed...

Probably our most common user support question. We originally built these tools as a family-friendly solving tool for popular word games. If you don't see a word, it is usually because:

Feedback is always welcome of course, and we can drop or add other words as we need to.

Ways To Unscramble Letters

First, look for anything you can make into a prefix or suffix. This is a quick way to sort your letters into a word. Test swapping around the other letters to generate additional words. If you're sure you know the prefix or suffix of a word, the answers start to become obvious.

Next, look for an 'S' - that means you can try making a bunch of plurals. Bolt that 'S' onto the end of any word you can make with the rest of your letters. Many word game programs don't have great logic around detecting plurals, so you can often get away with just tacking an S on the end of the world. Warning: this won't work with your english professor!

Next, take a look for any prefixes or suffixes. These are common sequences of letters that are used by many words in the english language. They can be another quick way to unscramble words. Find your prefix or suffix and test mixing up the other letters to make more words. For puzzles, once you're sure you know the prefix or suffix of a word, you really reduce the number of possible words you can make.

Consonant patterns are an excellent option for generating words ideas. If you notice you have two consonants and two vowels, the odds are that you're looking at a sequence of consonant - vowel - consonant - vowel (HAVE, CAVE, VICE). This is a relatively small set of possiblities, so start swapping tiles around and see what you can come up with. Common consonant combinations ('th', 'ch') can play the same role. This was the idea behind our word unscramble game. We did give a little additional help by color-coding the correct letters (green means you got it, red means keep trying).

Kung-Fu Master Secrets for to Unscramble Letters:
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