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Words You Can Unscramble
  • hyena
  • haen
  • yean
  • yeah
  • yeh

Using the Word Puzzle Solver

The first step of solving a word puzzle is to identify what you're trying to solve for. If the essence of the puzzle is rearranging letters, then our word puzzle solver is perfect for you. If you're dealing with a missing letter - where you need to guess a letter - you probably want to check out our hangman solver. If you're dealing with something more advanced, like a cipher or code, check out our cryptography tools. In any event, match the tool to the problem you're trying to solve.

If you like solving word scramble puzzles, check out our new word scramble game. We did give a little additional help by color-coding the correct letters (green means you got it, red means keep trying).

We've also a cryptogram solving game. These puzzles are based on substitution cipher codes, where each letter has been swapped with another letter. Your job is to figure out which letter is which and decode the message. The game keeps track of how long it takes to solve each puzzle and lets you know how your score compares with others. This article about how to solve a cryptogram may also be helpful.

The next step up from using our word puzzle solver is outright code cracking. If you like cracking codes, you may also find our article about pen and paper cryptograph interesting. We walk through some of the building blocks of manual cryptography (pre-World War I) and how these codes were broken. Those with a technical bent may find our presentation on breaking substitution ciphers via computer to be interesting as well.

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