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They say that laughter is the best health booster, so give your friends and family a laugh with these victorious Fortnite Jokes!

Why are so many supermarket assistants good at Fortnite?

They are experienced in tagging!

What do people say in Fortnite after rubber banding?

Oh snap!Oh snap!

What's the best dish to eat when playing Fortnite?

Ghost peeking duck... preferably salty!

Why is Fortnite so popular on Halloween?

Because all of the hills are haunted!

What's a Fortnite player's favourite era?

The 90's!

How do the animals enter an arc in Fortnite?

One by one!

How do we know Fortnite is such a popular game?

It's taking the world by storm!

Why do worms hate Fortnite?

They're always being baited!

What type of dinosaur plays fortnite?

A flossoraptor!

Why are dentists good at Fortnite?

Because they floss twice a day!

What Fortnite mode do cows play?

Cattle Royale!

Who does the Floss at Buckingham Palace?

The Royale Family!

Skeletons are rubbish at Fortnite...

They've got no skins!

How do you make your TV do the Floss?

Emote control!

Did you hear about the thieves who broke into the alphabet factory?

They only took the L...

Why is playing Fortnite like watching X-Men?

You know that Storm is coming...

Why are strikers no good at Fortnite?

They never battle pass...

Why do Fortnite players have beautiful teeth?

They love to Floss!

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