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Everyone hates going to the gym, but it is a necessary evil for us to stay healthy. Why not brighten the mood of your exercise time with these hilarious gym jokes!

How do you do exercise?
I like to lift up weights.
And how do you do cardio?

Easy! I lift the weights faster.

I only did one exercise this month...

running out of money!

I do two hours of cardio everyday

But I still have to locate the closest parking place to the gym

I asked the guy I am dating to meet me at the gym, but he never showed up.

I guess we are not going to work out.

To be honest, I don't mind leg day at the gym

It's just the two days afterwards I can't stand

Why did the owl like to go to the gym?

Because he's the stare master

My local gym charges $120 for a whole year

I think it is an outrageous! Paying $60 per visit

When I canceled my gym membership, I was asked to hand over my...

...weak notice

I canceled my gym subscription today

It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders

Why did the fish stop lifting weights?

He pulled a mussel

I go running when I need to

- like when the ice cream truck is going over 60 or I require a lift to the bakery

My doctor just recently informed me that running might add extra years to my life

I think he was right. I really feel 10 years older already

The term 'aerobics' was conceived when the gym trainers got together and said :

If we're going to charge $10 an hour, we can not call it 'jumping up and down'

I came to the gym today and the elevator was out of order, so I was forced to take the stairs!

This is like working out before even starting your workout!

My friend suggested we should go running together this morning.

I told him "Why should I? I have nobody chasing me!"

Are you a fitness nut looking for a great gym joke to tell in gym class, to your personal trainer or fitness coach? Well, put down that dumbbell and get to the locker room, as these hilarious gym jokes will blow you and your gym trainer away with laughter. Whether you have a home gym, or prefer the treadmill and weightlifting at the local gym (and don't mind the occasional weird looks from wackos), or if you prefer to use your gym clothes and running shoes for sports like baseball and boxing. Maybe you're a man or woman who is a gym teacher or personal trainer, and want each kid in your gym class to bust out laughing and make motivation a bit more fun. Any casual gym member or a bodybuilder with real weightlifting fitness goals who likes to bench press or squat a barbell to become a big muscle man will find these great gym jokes better than any funny pictures or sport related jokes out there. Whether you're a hardcore gym rat, or a casual gym goer who only dons the workout clothes to pick up beautiful girls at the health club, these great jokes will make your comedy game with the gym instructor go beast mode, whether you're a strong man or woman. These jokes will make you sweat with laughter, and build the muscle triceps of comedy. Jokes are a sport, and your fitness goals will all be reached if you continue to squat these jokes of comedy like a barbell. Whether you want to impress your gym instructor or gym trainer, or make those health club beautiful girls blush and sweat at your gym jokes, these will make any gym rat or gym goer into the ultimate comedy machine.

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