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Some people hate yoga, and some people live and die by it. Whatever your opinion is about this particular method of exercise, you and your friends will sculpt abs from laughing so hard at these great yoga jokes!

Why was Mary upset after the yoga class?

Mary was completely bent out of shape.

What's the most intimate yoga position a person can do?

The Pro-pose.

After Sarah received her pizza, she gave the cashier a $20 bill. The cashier was happy. Sarah just looked and responded back in a demanding tone: "Where is my change?" The cashier answered back:

"The one thing that comes with everything, while change comes from within."

My sister just gave the family’s cat some cashew milk...

and now the cat teaches hot yoga on Saturday evening.

Kim only does yoga in the morning after she gets dressed...

so she can hold her arms up as long as she can to get her hair in a high bun.

What did the Yoga bear say to his family when his they asked him what he wanted for Christmas?

Yoga doesn’t want any gifts, just presence

Why did Brandon the black bear reject anesthesia while having his wisdom teeth removed?

Brandon just wanted to transcend-dental-mediate

How many Iyengar classmates does it take to replace the light bulb?

Just one, however they’ll need just six blankets, two stools, eight blocks, and four straps.

What did Yoga the bear tell the salesman who tried to sell him selling vacuum cleaners at the store?

This is way too many attachments!

A young lady who was anxious about her routine of chewing her fingernails down. So she immediately went to a friend for some advice and the friend suggested to take yoga classes. She followed the friend advice and enrolled in one and soon once again her fingernails were growing steadily. The friend asked her if yoga helps her to stop chewing on her fingernails? "No," she said,

"It didn’t help, however I can now touch my toe-nails so I chew on them instead."

Knock knock
Who's there?
Yoga who?

You have to try this yoga because it feels so good

Yoga instructor: Hello Everyone!
The class: Hello.

Yoga instructor: You have the right to remain silent

The yoga instructor asked me if I could bend over backwards.

I replied and told the yoga instructor that was a bit of a stretch.

What was Yoga's old nickname?

The Twister

Are you a yoga teacher or yoga enthusiast looking for a great yoga joke to tell in your class? Well, get out of that yoga pose and stop your meditation, because these hilarious yoga jokes are so funny that they will knock your yoga pants right off! Each funny yoga joke, and all of the yoga memes and yoga quotes would make Yogi bear himself do yoga, as the enlightened humor is so funny that laughter yoga should become a new program! Put on your yoga shirt and yoga pants and get ready to do some of that laughter yoga, because these yoga meditation jokes have the best enlightened humor that would make even your boring yoga teacher roll on the yoga mat laughing! These puns, yoga quotes, and yoga meditation jokes can make any yoga workout hilarious, you won't even need coffee or a fun yoga playlist to get you up off the yoga mat in the morning! These funny jokes are great for the gym, or any yoga exercise to relieve the tension in the room of being in some awkward position like the downward dog or the dyslexic cow, and any person will think each yoga meme and joke here is absolutely hilarious! Liven up your next fitness yoga session with these jokes of humor and mindfulness, and make any yoga position funnier than a hot dog vendor with a dyslexic cow! Share these hilarious yoga jokes in your next yoga session with all of your friends, and sculpt some abs from laughter!

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