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Turkey-licious Thanksgiving Pickup Lines

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Ah, it's that time of year again--Thanksgiving! With that in mind, what would be a holiday without some funny jokes told around the dinner table while the family gathers and share what they're thankful for this year? Don't have any of your own jokes prepared for this year's feast? Well, that's alright, because we have some already lined up for you.

"The only thing sweeter than this pie baby, is you!"

(Hmm... warm it up and add a scoop of ice cream, then we'll talk)

"Are you the Mayflower? Because you've been sailing through my head."

(Sounds like somebody has hit Plymouth Rock bottom)

"Girl, I'm gonna treat you like Cranberry sauce and ignore you for 11 months after tonight."

(I don't think this one gives you the best chances of impressing a woman, just a guess though)

"Have you lost weight, or have they started carving you already?"

(You know, maybe she's into being called a turkey...)

"I could lose my head over you, like that turkey"

(Save the neck for me)

"I hate turkey, but I love you"

(Direct and simple, but turkey is a real divisive topic these days so be careful)

"If you were mashed potatoes, I would value you more than the rest of the food on my plate and refuse to share."

(I mean, I guess? Although I might opt for something a little bit better than mashed potatoes...)

"I broke the wishbone and I wished for you"

(Shh! If you reveal your wish, it won't come true! Everyone knows that!)

Looking for some great pickup lines to use on or around Thanksgiving Day? You'll be stuffing your dream girl with pumpkin pie and laughter at thanksgiving dinner with these great thanksgiving jokes and thanksgiving pickup lines! Lay on the compliments and thanksgiving jokes thick like gravy on the thanksgiving turkey, and you're sure to land a sweet potato at any thanksgiving meal. Don't be a green bean on thanksgiving morning, hit up your candied yam cold turkey on turkey day with a joke or great pickup line, and wish them a happy thanksgiving with a side of romance. Love comes in all flavors, like apple pie, or pecan pie, or cranberry, pumpkin pie, cornbread stuffing, roasted turkey, and yes, even mashed potato or brussels sprouts. Whatever your favorite thanksgiving feast staple is, you'll be picking up all sorts of apple pie cuties with your thanksgiving jokes and pickup lines this holiday season, and be the hottest thanksgiving leftovers on the block. Some people like cheese on their mashed potato, and we promised the cheese in these thanksgiving pickup lines is enough to win any pecan pie-sweet girl this holiday season. We're not pulling your turkey leg, your thanksgiving day will get a whole lot sweeter when you pour the pickup line gravy on thick, even if you're going in cold turkey. Even a vegan will love your joke on turkey day, as long as you act like a sweet potato and not a green bean or brussels sprouts.

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