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Math Pickup Lines That Just Add Up

Master the Opening Line

Hey baby, what's your sine?

(Astrology is like, so 2000s)

I don't know if you're in my range, but I sure would like to take you back to my domain!

(Nope, she is most definitely outside of your range)

I don't mean to be obtuse, but you sure are acute girl!

(Baby, you must have fallen from heaven- you're an angle!)

Honey, you must be the square root of negative one, because you just can't be real!

(Aw, are you making up imaginary girlfriends in your head again?)

How can I possibly know so many digits of Pi and not the digits of your phone number?

(Unlike the number she gave you, Pi is real)

Why you're just as sweet as Pi!

(Are you sure you're not looking for someone shorter?)

You and I must have the same natural frequency because we sure resonate together!

(That's physics, not math, but I'll let it slide)

Are you the square root of two? Because you are definitely making me irrational!

(Isn't that like, an actual existing normal number?)

Girl, is your p-value greater than 0.05? Because I definitely must fail to reject you!

(Why don't we call you the dull hypothesis)

You and I are just two fractions in a world of reals, but together we could become whole!

(I feel like adding fractions is way more complicated than it should be)

You're like the back of a math textbook. You have the answer to all of my problems!

(No, like the back of most math textbooks she'll leave you with more problems than solutions)

We must be inverse logical functions because I could compliment you all day!

(Insert snarky comment here that I would make if I knew what that meant at all)

You must be a square number because my love for you is exponential!

(The only square you're going to is Square One)

My feelings for you are a monotonically increasing function, always on the rise!

(Yeah, monotone probably describes how she's feeling about this conversation right now)

If you were a shape, you would be a square, because you have all the right angles.

(I don't think many girls appreciate being called square, just a guess)

The measure of your imperfections is zero.

(So is the measure of your success rate here)

I'm no mathematician but I am good with numbers. Give me yours and let's see what I can do with it!

(Probably not too much)

You are the limits of my Cauchy sequence because you make me complete!

(And at best, you'll be sleeping on the Couch-y tonight)

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