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Overwatch is one of the most popular games of the late 2010s, featuring a cast of unique heroes and extremely versatile gameplay. While you may not play Overwatch professionally, liven up your match lobbies with these hilarious Overwatch Jokes!

How does D.Va watch her movies?

On D-Va-D's.

Why did Roadhog start wearing a shark mask?

Because he got a Mako-ver.

Why does Junkrat love shoe shopping?

Because he always gets his shoes half off.

What kind of bullets does Reinhardt have trouble blocking?

Tracer Rounds.

What do you get when you give bread making classes to a French Assassin?


What's Junkrat's favorite food?


What's the difference between a good Pharah and a great one?


How did Reinhardt afford his rocket hammer and set of armor?

He charged it

Why doesn't Lucio own a better gun?

He broke it down

Why couldn't the enemy team defend with two Junkrats?

Because they were two tired

Why does Pharah have a crush on Roadhog?

She was hooked at first sight

Why is Mei the best at parties?

She knows how to break the ice

Why does Widowmaker love the outdoors?

She loves camping

Why is Winston the least played Hero in Overwatch?

He lacks appeal

Why couldn't Zenyatta capture the point?

He had no balls

Why does McCree wear a poncho?

He didn't see any arm in it

Why are Zarya and Genji best friends?

He helps her get cut

Why did I die while playing Tracer?

I can't recall

Why is Lucio bad at making salads?

Cause he always drops the beat.

What does Mei say to litterbugs?

Nothing, she just gives them the cold shoulder.

Why does Zarya hate slow players?

Because she's rushin.

What's the best part about Mercy?

Her abilities are a big plus.

Why do deer jump in front of 76's car?

Cause 76's got them in his lights.

Why is Mcree always eating lunch?

Cause it's always high NOON somewhere.

How does Symmetra keep her car smelling fresh?

She puts a scent-tree on her mirror.

What is Reaper's favorite dessert?

Pie! Pie! Pie!

Did you know Winston likes chewing on Moon Rocks?

He says they taste meteor than you'd expect.

Why does Hanzo tell terrible stories?

Because his stories always drag-on.

What did Pharah say during the hail storm?

Just ice rains from above!

Why is Torbjörn the most under appreciated defense character.

He just can't stand up to the rest.

Tracer, DVA and Mei walk into a bar

Only Mei walks out...

Back in the day, one of the Overwatch team got in a lot of trouble for copying other people's works of art.

In fairness to Tracer, it's not like she wasn't up front about it.

Tracer came up to Zenyatta one day and asked him if there was something in her eye.

Zenyatta replied " yes, it's in the iris."

Junkrat is a very likable guy...

he has an explosive personality.

Tjorb is the kind of defender...

to throw a wrench into your plans.

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