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Revolutionary Communist Pickup Lines

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Communism is mostly a thing of the past thankfully. For people that have experienced it though, often laughter is the best way to think about a bad memory even if they would rather forget it. Here are a few quirky pick up lines to try and get a laugh from some of your history buff friends.

1. Roses are red and so is the state. Let us be like comrades because I think you are great.

(Oh wow, now her cheeks are red with awkward embarassment)

2. Hey Babe, I got a feeling the Cold War is definitely over because it is all kinds of hot in here.

(And just like the Cold War, no accurate shots have been fired)

3. Hey girl, just like the Berlin Wall I am falling for you.

(Mr. Gorbachev, tear out my eyes)

4. Hey cutie, did you know your love is like a dictatorship? It has the absolute power over my heart.

(And like a dictatorship, has total indiffernce to those it has power over)

5. Hey honey, you want to come on over to the left side and liberate me?

(Which one is left and right again? I keep having to do the thing where you make an L with your hands... here since I made the L why don't you hold it for a while)

6. I might be a communist but I do not mind belonging only to you

(Yeah owning people is still illegal here, I think)

7. Hey good lookin, are you the government? Because I would totally like to make you fall for me.

(You're gonna need a lot more firepower to bring her down)

8. I don't mean to interrupt, but I just have to say one thing. My heart bleeds red for you.

(As does everyone else's...)

9. Are you a capitalist? I am thinking so because you certainly monopolize my heart.

(Personally I'm more of an oligopoly fan, but whatever floats your boat)

10. You are so beautiful that I would like to buy you roses and chocolates, but I can't be sure of the working conditions of the people that made them.

(Yeah, the soil that grew the flowers is definitely not receiving dental insurance)

11. Hey there handsome, what do you say we turn up the heat on this Cold War?

(Mmm, I love the smell of mutually assured destruction)

12. Just like the USSR in 1991, I am completely falling for you girl.

(Girls don't like guys with instability)

13. On a scale of America to North Korea, how free are you this evening?

(Probably somewhere around North Korean prison inmate)

14. Hey baby, are you from Russia? Because I would love to be Putin my hand in yours.

(Hey, Putin is a completely respectable guy with no Communist tendencies whatsoever)

15. Hey darlin, quit your Stalin and be my valentine this year

(I don't know how she'll answer, but she's probably Lenin towards saying no)

16. I hope you don't run when I say this, but I think Amin love with you

(No, running is probably a very appropriate response to this one)

Wanna pick up a cute history buff with an affinity for the soviet union or communist china? Read the communist manifesto of pickup lines, and impress her with a joke that would rival the power of the bourgeoisie. Give that working class young woman a taste of Karl Marx's theory of love, and turn your free world into a communist movement russian revolution. Become more than just a comrade, enter the people's republic of love, and win the class struggle of her heart without resorting to communist chinese propaganda. Love is one of the basic human rights, and no communist regime, russian revolution, or communist movement can prevent you from beating the bourgeoisie, and winning in the capitalism free world of love for a young woman. These pickup lines are the best since the civil war or world war ii, and the proletariat young woman you desire will fall faster than the soviet union if you tell her a joke or communist pickup lines like this. Pick up a hot girl at any party in the american united states or free nations with these lines, socialism can't stop your class struggle for love, even in communist china or soviet russia. Any girl in the nation would be lucky to hear a working class or proletariat joke or pickup line like these, and every girl in the free world will fall for you faster than President Nixon can resign.

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