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Spending a night under the stars is a great way to pass a weekend- entertain your friends and family along the way with these great camping jokes!

What is a spiders favorite outdoor activity while camping?

Fly Fishing

Where do sharks like to go camping?


Why was the camper so exhausted after the camping trip?

It was rather in-tents

A hunter asked his pastor if it's a sin to hunt on a sunday, the pastor replied,

"with your aim, its a sin for you to hunt anytime!"

What jumps higher a frog or a tent?

A frog of course, tents can't jump!

What is the true color of the wind?


If you have 6 tents in one hand and 5 sleeping bags in the other what do you have?

Big hands

Sherlock Holmes and Watson go camping one night, they pitch their tent under the stars and go to sleep. In the middle of the night Sherlock wakes up Watson and says: “Watson, look up at the stars in the sky, and tell me what you see.”
Watson says: “I see millions and billions of stars.”
Holmes says: “And what do you gather from that?”
Watson thinks for a little while before responding: “Well, if there are millions of stars, and if even some of those have planets, it’s quite possible that there are some planets like earth out there. And if there are other planets like earth out there, there might also be life outside of just our planet."

Holmes looks at Watson before saying: “No you idiot, it means somebody stole our tent.”

Why can't you run in a campground?

Because you can only ran, it's past tents!

A mother and daughter went camping together, the mother asked her daughter to pitch the tent while she got the fire going. After the fire got going pretty good she turned around to see how her daughter was doing but she didn't see anything and her daughter was just sitting on a log whistling. Her mother asks "where is the tent?" and her daughter pointed down the hill and said

"it's down there, you told me to pitch it!"

What did Oliver Twist say at the camp out?

Please sir may I have S'more?

What was the name used to identify the sleeping bag?

A Nap Sack

A slept like a log last night, you know how I know that?

Because, I woke up this morning and I was in the fire!

What is a tree's favorite kind of soda?

Root Beer

Are you an avid camper, looking for a funny camping joke to tell around the campfire to your friends and family? Well, hop in your kayak and strap on your hiking boots, because each funny camping joke on here is sure to make any camping enthusiast laugh so hard they forget where the campsite is! Whether you are a boy scout at summer camp, or looking for clean camping jokes to tell your family, every funny joke and camping pun we have is guaranteed to make even your dad laugh, with the best camping humor around! Any kid or dad will laugh at these funny camping sayings, riddles, funny RV moments, and past tents jokes, and there is a funny joke and camping pun that will go right through even a camouflage tent! Whether you tell a story, a funny camping quote, or hilarious jokes to your campground owner or average tent fanatic, these hilarious jokes and funny stories will make your camping games like hunting and fishing and even an RV trip a time to remember. Funny quotes and funny videos will kill at your camping destination, whether it is at a campground with a camp warden, a boy scout summer camp, a seaside camping trip, or an RV trip with lots of funny RV moments! Tip your kayak or canoe over at these corny jokes and funny quotes, and your camping tip and camping games will never be boring again!

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