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Everyone loves a cute and fluffy llama- but did you know they can be a great subject for jokes too? Your friends and family will be bleating with laughter after hearing these great llama jokes!

What happens when you stand between two llamas?

You get llaminated

What did the llama say to the grass?

Nice gnawing you

What does a llama’s doorbell sound like?


What do zookeepers do to wake up pack animals in the morning?

Set their a-llamas

What kind of car does a llama drive?

A llamborghini

What do llamas call the end of the world?

The alpacalypse

What do alpacas call the end of the world?


Who is the wisest and most thoughtful llama in the world?

The Dalai Llama

How do llamas pay for a pizza?

They spit the cost

What is better than a talking llama?

A spelling bee

Where do you put a llama after you catch her robbing a bank?

In the slamma

Who is the president of Llamaland?

Barack Ollama

Why are llamas Led Zeppelin fans?

Because Led Zeppelin sang “Whole Llama Love”

What did the llama get when he graduated from high school?

A dipllama

What do you call a gigantic llama?

A wooly mammoth

What did the Italian llama say when she loved her food?

Llama Mia!

Who is the most famous hip-hop llama?

Kendrick Llamar

What did the llama say when he was invited to go on vacation?

Alpaca my bags

What was written in the llama’s Valentine’s Day card?

I llove you

What did the llama order for dessert?

A banana spit

How did the llama come to own a classic car?

His grandmother left it to him in her wool

Why did the llama have to wear a medicinal collar?

Because she had fleece all over her

What did the llama mama say to her kids in the car?

Buckle your seat pelts, we might get in an accident

How did the llama react to this joke?

He did a spit take

A policeman in the city sees a man walking down the street with a llama. He stops the man and asks him, “What is that llama doing here?” The man replies, “Walking down the street.” The policeman scratches his head and says, “Shouldn’t you take that llama to the zoo?” The man pats the llama fondly and answers,

“We did that last weekend and had a great time. This weekend we are going to go to the museum.”

A mother llama had recently given birth to her first son. She and her husband llama took him to the pack to show him off. The lead llama looked at the baby and declared:

“He’s the spitting image of his father!”

A knitter was trying to decide whether to use llama or alpaca wool in the hat she was making.

It was a real di-llama.

Are you a llama lover looking for a great llama pun or meme or some alpaca puns to tell your friends? Well, stop looking at the drama of cat memes, because we have the funniest animal humor right here for any llama lover, so get off of twitter and check out the funny jokes we have about llamas! Every llama joke is guaranteed to make any person who likes llamas laugh out loud, and any kid will have so much fun looking at this herd of llama jokes! You don't need a pet llama with sunglasses to appreciate these jokes, or know what a llama's favorite drink or a llama's favourite film is to think that these funny jokes are the best you will see! So make like a duck at a wedding party and quack yourself up with each and every llama joke, because your friend the llama bartender is serving up hilarious llama humor that would make even your teacher spit out her drinks! Even your friend who thinks that a turtle is cooler than a llama will have a good night while hearing these jokes, and you will become the llama spiritual leader of comedy, and the spitting image of the funniest kid on the block! So get yourself some sunglasses and a pet llama, and get ready for a whole herd of llama jokes that will kill at any party with any person, and ring a llama's doorbell with these hilarious llama jokes!

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