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Want to pick up that lovely gamer girl in your life? Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and so are these great Minecraft pickup lines!

1. You must be from the Nether because your beauty is out of this world.

(As long as you don't tell her she looks ghastly)

2. I am the best fisher; I will have you hooked.

(Seems like you're fishing a little bit on that one)

3. You are the Steve to my Alex.

(The only two real people in a world of ugly monsters? Nice one)

4. Are you an Enderman? Because I think you stole my heart.

(And if you look her in the eye, she'll hate you)

5. You must be a witch because I find myself under your spell.

(No, calling her a witch is never the right move)

6. You light up my world like a torch.

(Is she also flaming hot?)

7. I mined the world so that I could find you.

(Diamonds are easier to find than a girl that will say yes to that line)

8. I can tell you are not an NPC because you are the realest person I have ever met.

(Keep it real, bro. Radical. Tubular. Sick moves dude.)

9. I used to be a zombie, but you brought me back to life.

(Yeah, playing video games 12 hours a day will do that to you)

10. You must be TNT because you blew up my world the moment I met you.

(Wow, this girl must really be the bomb)

11. I would jump through a portal to get back to you.

(This will be the End of your relationship)

12. I have to carry around a bucket of water because you keep setting my heart on fire.

(You're gonna need it for when she pushes you off a cliff)

13. You are so Coal; I am smelted by your Ore-uh.

(You smelt it, you dealt it)

14. I want to explore new territories with you.

(The only territory you'll be exploring with her is Rejection Land)

15. Are you lava? Because I keep getting trapped by your glow.

(I'm sure her eyes are burning too, but probably for a different reason)

16. My furnace starts burning every time I am around you.

(I really do not want to know what this one is implying)

17. I am a farmer; I know how to nurture a relationship and make it grow.

(Very cute, just don't call her a pig or a cow)

18. I hope our love is like the Enderdragon, and never dies.

(Isn't the point of the game to kill it? Probably not the best metaphor)

19. I hope you are a block of dirt because I am starting to dig you.

(Digging your own grave, maybe)

20. Yes. It is hot in the nether, but I think that I am hotter when I am with you.

(Wow, you really lava her don't you)

21. My house may be made of dirt, but I swear my heart is made of something better than gold.

(Meat and blood? Or whatever a heart is made of? I'd take the gold, thanks)

22. Golden apples are sweet, but I think your love is sweeter.

(This might actually contain a nugget of truth)

23. I would not Mine falling in love with you.

(Well aren't you a crafty little romantic)

24. I would look into your eyes even if you were an Enderman.

(Works best on tall, lanky girls)

25. You must be made of ore because I need to make you mine.

(Mine, mine, mine mine mine mine minemineminemineminemineminemine.... mine)

And there you have them, friends! Some of the wackiest, zaniest and funniest pick-up lines to put to the test. I should put a disclaimer here and now: Any harm, injury or legal problems that arise from use of these lines are in no way our fault. However, if they work out for you, we totally want the credit. Use them with caution! Make your dating life something you want to remember. Most importantly, always enjoy the laughs!

Don't let a creeper steal your girl! They may be cheesy, but each pick up line on this website will help you do better than any funny tinder pickup line could. You'll feel like you have a diamond sword, a diamond pickaxe, and diamond armor when you go to get a woman with these cheesy pick up lines, and you'll be the funniest, most corny face ever, able to pick up any hot girl you want with each and every cheesy line on this minecraft pickup lines page. Don't be a slime ball guy, get yourself to her spawn location with these cheesy pick up lines, and you'll be a cheesy pickup line legend on twitter and funny tinder forever. Don't be a reddit meme slimeball, light up the world of any hot girl like a redstone torch on a sticky piston with these amazing pun funny pick up line corny jokes. Get off of the couch watching facebook, youtube, and twitter, and get into love mode on a Saturday night finding a hot girl with beautiful skin and telling her lots of funny jokes- she'll like you better than a minecraft wolf likes roasted pork! Use your diamond sword of funny jokes to slay the love mode ender dragon, and pick up a beautiful woman this Saturday night with these funniest minecraft pickup lines you will not see on youtube or facebook ever.

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