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Word Chums Cheat

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Boosting Your Word Chums Score

This word chums cheat tool is intended to help you give your score a little boost when you need it. Enter your letters in the top box (the letters on your word chums rack). Enter any letters that you want to build off off in the three boxes below. "Start With" is for a sequence of letters that must start the word (and it uses all letters, in that order). "Ends With" is for a sequence of letters that must end the word (and it uses all letters). "Includes" is for when you need to build a word across an existing word, using one of the letters in that word. It will only use one letter from an "include" entry. Then hit update and the word chums cheat will spit out a list of potential words you can use, along with their score. Words are ranked by points scored.

The word scores from this word chums cheat are based on the current tile values for Word Chums. There are a couple of bonuses you should keep your eye out for. First, word chums gives you a bingo bonus if you put a specific number of tiles down. This is currently at +10 points for 5 tiles, +20 for 6 tiles, and +40 for 7. The game board is also littered with letter and word level multipliers. We thought about including this in the solver and decided to keep things simple. Here's your strategery (sic) for word chums bonuses: grab em if you can get em. The word chums cheat is intended to help you get closer to the right word.

Don't ignore the game's built in assistance functions either. Unlike most of the word games out there, Word Chums gives you a pretty good set of in-game player assistance tools. Watch the stars and the points score when you drag and drop letters - a green points box indicates you're in the top half of possible words. Four stars means your proposed word is in the top 25% of options. So you have a really good idea of where you stand early on. You can always use the BOMB to swap out your letters. This is a good option if there just aren't many points available on your rack and the board. You can tell this from when you try to place a game. Similarly, if you know you've got a hot hand (getting high points on two or three stars), go for the gold and use your hint.

Keep your eyes open for ways to play off an opponent's word. Better yet - drop a tile at the intersection of two words for a double play. The double play is known as hooking. Keep your eye on the bonus tiles - you can rack up some serious points (even without the word chums cheat) by dropping 3 - 5 letter words across bonuse tiles. This is particularly if you can throw a rare consonant in the mix (J, X, Z, etc.).

Finally, make sure to play a little defense. Don't give your opponent an easy set up to reach bonus tiles. Make sure you've got a couple of spaces where you can potentially place words so you don't get blocked in after a move. And at the end of the game, make sure you play all the higher scoring tiles on your rack so you don't get stuck with the points. This word chums cheat tool can sometimes help you find ways to play your tiles.

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