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Like to Unscramble Words?

Welcome to Word Swapz, a fresh approach to the word scramble game. Your job is to sort your letters into as many words as possible, as fast as possible.

Swap Until They're ALL Green, Then Hit SCORE!

Can You Find All The Words?

How To Play Word Swapz

This word scramble game is about sorting letters into words. If you like word jumble puzzles, you've come to the right place!

The catch? We don't want you to make just any words - nope, you need to use all the letters provided. Each set of letters was carefully selected to unscramble into as many words as possible. Some of these are gonna be tough words.... and it's all on the clock. So move fast!

But No Worries. It's easier than you think! After each swap we tell you how many letters are in the correct spot. Green means you got it!. Boom. Now you know which letters that you unscrambled correctly! When you see all Green letters, hit the Score button to record your points for that word.

But wait, there's more! Red means you gotta to swap it! Stuck? Eh, hit the Shuffle button a few times until you see some green. The word scramble game system will keep track of how many words are left.

What, you want Strategery? Remember the game is feeding you a lot of cues about how close you are. Use the shuffle button to get close and start swapping letters to unscramble the closest word. If you see a S in the letter remember to keep an eye out for plurals.

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