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Welcome to Hanging Hyena, your best choice for family friendly word games, puzzle makers, and word solvers. This site was launched as a small script a decade ago and have grown from there. Starting with our world famous hangman solver, we built a large collection of puzzle makers and word solver and word jumble tools.

The Ultimate Word Scramble Site

We've taken a special interest in word scrambles (word puzzles where you unjumble the letters). It started with our word scramble solver, specifically designed to look good on mobile phones. You can use it to solve newspaper puzzles or find words to play in scrabble or words with friends. We created custom word solvers for those games too ( scrabble and words with friends).

Once our kids got into elementary school, we realized that was a huge need for good puzzle making tools. So we created a set of worksheet makers to support teachers, coaches, and home school families. There is a word scramble creator you can use to make your own word scramble worksheets. We've even seen a few people use them for baby shower puzzles and ice breakers. Our puzzle maker section has a word scramble generator, a crossword puzzle maker, and a word search maker. The letter scrambler can be used to generate word scramble printable worksheets for vocabulary practice, study helpers, and other educational activities. Heck, we even like Pop It fidget toy(s).

Once we had our word scramble solver and our free word scramble maker, it was only natural that we started working on a word scramble game. We launched word swaps a year or so later. You can play the scramble game on your cell phone (without downloading anything); you flip letters around to make words as fast as you can.

Why Do You Call It Hanging Hyena?

Because we stumbled into this whole thing by accident. Through a combination of unexpected events, I had written a script for solving hangman puzzles and my spouse wanted a hangman solver for her cell phone. There weren't a lot of really good hangman solvers at the time. This was the first website that we ever built.

A little quick brainstorming came up with the idea of the hanging hyena, since I wanted a cute memorable name for the project. A little bit of fun with our friends on Facebook and Twitter cemented the deal. The Hyena came to life and he's pretty good at keeping us focused on keeping the brand going.

Over the years we built out our hangman related content as well. We added a wheel of fortune solver a few years ago, which is a more complicated version of our hangman solver. We also added a family friendly hangman game. You can save a snowman from melting by guessing the right letters.

Cryptograms & Cryptography

But we're more than word jumble solvers! In addition to our tools to unscramble words, we also built a collection of cipher decoders for pen and paper cryptography. If you're wondering where to start, take a look at our Guide To Classical Cryptography. The collection includes everything from basic substitution cipher tools to transposition ciphers. I learned about this as part of my math degree and our kids got into it through various activities.

Along the way, we decided to create our own cryptogram puzzle game'. This is a code breaking game where you solve famous quotes that have been scrambled using a substitution cipher. We've got a couple of different levels of the game, ranging from casual (easy puzzles) to expert (hard puzzles). Behind the scenes there are some fancy analytics tools that we used to understand how difficult a puzzle really is to solve, so we're able to give you puzzles at just the right level of difficulty.

Just for fun, we dropped a few odd things into this collection. We've even got a phone number spelling tool. And funny pickup lines.

It Boggles The Mind

Since we've covered word scramble puzzles, cryptography, and hangman - what else is left? Oh.. Boggle. And Zynga's own little variants of this, Word Streak or Scramble With Friends. We put together a couple of word search solvers using our word scramble engine. You're searching a matrix instead of a single rack of letters. Our solver does a good job of cranking out solutions.

The real challenge of the boggle solver was to find a solution that humans could actually use, especially since a lot of people are playing a timed game on their cell phone. The word solver was easy to write; reformatting the data so humans could easily work with it was the real challenge of the project.

The Next Challenge - Writing Quickly!

This site seems to be slowly advancing to follow our children through school. Writing was always one of those things I struggled with, due to my habit of being both overly precise and easily distracted. So in the interests of helping the next generation of writers, I present to you: The Five Paragraph Essay Generator. The essay generator helps you organize your thoughts into a coherent 5 paragraph essay. This helps you stay on track when you're strugging to get focused.

Still reading? Guess you need some jokes and pickup lines. We've got funny pickup lines, fortnite jokes, math jokes and more.

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At the top of this page, you see our word scramble solver. The word scramble solver will unscramble letters to make words, showing you all scrambled words you can make with those letters. Simply enter your letters and it will unscramble the words you can make from them. And because customer service is job #1, we built backup sites - one for the jumble solver, another for the word unscrambler, and (Wordsies. By request, we customized word scramble solvers for: Word Chums and Word Ox. Need points for scrabble? Try the scrabble helper. We've got a words with friends version as well. Trying to solve a puzzle that doesn't require you to unscramble a word? No worries, we've got tools to pattern match (hangman) and search word grids. In addition to finding the correct word scramble answers. If you're playing another game and need a custom solver for a word scramble game, email us at the address below! We've gotten pretty good at writing specialized word scramble solvers (including an unscramble words cheat).


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