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Scrabble Cheat: How To Even The Odds

Are you stuck playing Scrabble with a know-it-all? The kind of person who is apparently an Old English scholar, cutting edge research physician, internet lawyer, and a political genius? I mean, don't you know that timocracy is government by property owners? They learned it when they read Beowulf in the original Old English, in between organic chemistry and their history of contract law class. Um Yeah. So you're probably playing with a Scrabble Cheat and in the event you need to even the odds.... why we're happy to help with that. By offering you this faster, more efficient mobile scrabble cheat.

How To Use Our Scrabble Cheat

Basic operations are pretty simple. Enter your letters in your rack in the main box and hit the big friendly green button. The scrabble cheat tool will generate a list of words you can make from those letters. The scrabble cheat also calculates how many scrabble points you will get for each word.

The scrabble cheat tool presents a list of words the scrabble word finder identified. It will generate a list of words ranked in descending order by the number of points earned.

After you've got your letters entered into the tool, use the other boxes to make more words by building off the letters already on the board. If you think you can make a new word by adding adding letters to the end of a current word on the board, use the "starts with" box to identify letters you can build off of. Along the same lines, you can use "ends with" to add letters in front of a word on the board. If you want to build across an existing word, using only one letter from that word, try the "includes letter" box. If you enter multiple letters in the include letter box, the solver assumes it can only use one of them.

How Does The Scrabble Cheat Handle Blank Tiles

Easy, use ? or * for blank tiles. The scrabble cheat tool will substitute all of the possible letters in the alphabet to see what words you can make by using the blank scrabble tile.

How do I use this for Words With Friends

Thank you for asking. This word finder will generate the same words, of course. The only difference between solving words for the two games is the points scoring. We also have a version of this solver which calculates points to match Words With Friends.

Why Use This Site

We've made a special effort to optimize this site for mobile phone users. We've kept our design lean so it will load quickly on mobile phones and use a lot less data. Why was time waiting for big flashy advertisements to load when you can use our site? Why not bookmark us today? :)

When you're working with the list, watch out for chances to play off special points tiles on the board. These can improve your score. Is this site slow? Try this backup scrabble cheat

Scrabble Resource Hub

This scrabble cheat is part of our larger set of scrabble game resources. We have a couple versions of the solving engine, including a scrabble helper and scrabble word finder. This set of scrabble word makers should have you covered. (plus a bonus: word generator for Gen X.) We also do SCIENCE about scrabble and word games. Check out our piece on the expected number of points you should be able to find in your scrabble rack. Or a few word lists of anagram families. We publish long winded scrabble game design thoughts. Need a lead on some places to play? Check here.

Trying to play scrabble and getting bored? No worries, this word game helper can be used for a ton of other games. One common, if older, game is text twist. There is a large scrabble wordfeud crowd as well. This site can easily be used as a wordfeud cheat. The core of the site is a powerful anagram solver, which can help you easily even the odds should your friends cheat. We find this word solver actually works better than scrabble cheat board since it is easier to use. We have solvers for most of the Zynga with Friends franchise games.

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