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Finals Calculator

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Final Exam Calculator

Calculates the grade you need on the final to earn a specific grade for the course.

Final Exam Calculator

You Need to Score: 97.00%

On your final exam to get a final course grade of 90%.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Final Exam Calculator

How Do I Calculate My Final Grade?

Your final grade for a course is usually based on the sum of the points you earn in various activities over the semester. The instructor can give you details of how they intend to do this; in most classes, this will be included in the course syllabus.

What Do I Need On My Final?

Our finals calculator can figure this out for you. Enter your current average grade for the course, your desired final grade, and the course grade you want. The Final Grade Calculator will solve for what you need to earn on your final to get the course grade you desire. This also will work as a test grade calculator if you make assumptions about how you are going to score for the balance of the course.

What Is My Current Grade For The Class?

Check your course syllabus, but this should be a weighted average of your assignments, tests, and quizzes. Plus the always popular class participation grade! You need to tally up what you earned (or think you will earn) for each of the items on the syllabus.

How Do You Assess The Final Exam Grade?

The specifics will vary by professor, check your course syllabus or give them a call. Generally speaking, the final exam contributes a fixed percentage to your course grade. Under certain circumstances, high performing students may be allowed to skip a final exam. In that case, your grade for the balance of the course would become your final grade. Otherwise, your class grade would be your earlier grades adjusted for the final exam and the final exam weight.

How Do You Calculate Grades With Different Weights?

Ah, you need a weighted grade calculator. This takes all of your grades and calculates a weighted average of the grades you earned for the quarter. Your Final Grade represents a piece of this average (usually 25% to 50%, but this may vary by school). Here is a weighted grade calculator that can help you work through the math.

This final grade calculator is intended to look specifically at the impact of your final exam score.

How do you calculate your semester average (letter grade)?

The finals calculator can't help you with this one. You need a GPA calculator to solve for this. To calculate your GPA, you need to add up the grade point values for each letter grade and average them. Assign a point value to each grade. A is usually worth 4. A B grade is worth 3. A C grade is worth 2. Check with the rules of your school for anything less than that. The result of this calculation is often referred to as your grade point average.

You are generally able to adjust the point value of your grade for every "plus" or "minus" you earn. Check the rules of your school for the value of a plus or minus, but it will generally be either: +0.3, +0.33, or +0.4. A similar logic would apply to minuses. Under certain circumstances, there may be additional modifiers for AP or honors courses (in high school, certainly. These are rare in colleges). You will see this when you view your grades on a transcript; pay close attention to any notes or modifiers in the comments. This is usually done in accordance with a formal grading policy, in the event you wish to discuss or contest a particular grade.

It is also not uncommon for the semester average grade to be calculated as a weighted average, weighted by the credit hours for each course. So intensive or advanced courses with more class times (the 1.5 credit course) will count for a greater share of the semester average. You may also find that certain electives are excluded or graded on a pass-fail basis.

If you are trying to calculate your cumulative GPA to meet the conditions of an offer of admission, check with the college in question. School policies may differ in how they treat certain courses, such as honor courses. This really can vary by college, sometimes even within the same state college system. They will probably ask you to send them a copy of your final high school transcript so they can make appropriate adjustments. It is possible you may be given an unofficial transcript to support an earlier admission decision. In that case, assume there will be a true-up before admission.

How do I calculate my final grade with weighted percentages?

This final exam calculator does this. Simply enter the percentage of the grade which the final counts for. You will need to know your average grade for the rest of the course, which should be weighted by the points already earned. This will tell you the impact of the exam.

For the actual math, we're calculating a grade for each part of the total grade (10% quizzes, 20% midterm, 20% paper, 50% final) and multiplying each portion by the grade achieved. So in the example above, if you averaged a 90% on your quizzes, 80% on midterm, 100% on paper, and are trying to figure out "what do I need to get on my final?", the math would be: Current grade: .10 x 90 + .20 x 80 + .20 x 85 = 9 + 16 + 17 = 42 / 50 = 84% thus far.

Entering these numbers into the final exam calculator (84% grade thus far, want an A - 90%, final is 50%).... the final calculator tells us you need to score a 96% on your final to get an A for the course. Better get some coffee...

How many points does a 100 bring your grade up?

Admittedly a best case scenario, a perfect mark of 100 would raise your grade by the inverse of the percentage which the final counts in your final score. As the finals calculator will demonstrate, if the final is worth 50% of your grade, every two points of score above the average will improve your final grade by a point. Similarly, if it is only worth 20% of your grade, you will need to deliver five points of lift on your final exam to raise your course average by a single point. Then again, you're using our final calculator - so we're guessing you're already pretty close...

How can I get my grades up in a week?

In golf we call this the "short game". When confronted with a sharp deadline and an urgent need to get better results. While the final exam calculator can tell you how far you need to improve, the details are a bit trickier. Having been there a few times myself, here are some pointers...

Is a D a Passing Grade?

Yes and No. From the perspective of completing the course, earning a grade of D should suffice as "passing". You were there, you completed the work, you did not fail - thus you pass. It is not, however, generally sufficient to pass if the student is majoring in the subject or using it to meet a requirement for future studies.

What do i have to get on my final?

While ultimately a personal decision, the final exam calculator above should help you with the math.

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