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Using The 6x6 Boggle Solver:

This 6x6 big boggle solver gives you a list of word ideas ranked by points and shows you paths through the grid.It will show a list of possible words; click on each word to see the path through the grid. We have other solvers for 4x4 grids and 5x5 grids. If you are trying to solve a word scramble, look here for a better tool.

Quick Entry Instructions: Enter your letters in the box marked Quick Entry / Review. Then hit the update button. The scramble helper will place your letters in the grid and show you a list of words. It will highlight the first word on the list on the grid. Hit next word to display the next word on the list. Hit Reset to go back to the first word on the list. The other features of the solver are still active - so you can page through the words (using the box). You can also edit the grid and the list of words will update. You should hit reset if the list of words is updated.

This boggle solver takes the letters you provide it (a 6x6 Grid) and returns a list of words which can be composed using those letters. It looks at the jumble of letters and finds words to play. Enter the letters into the grid and the list of word ideas will automatically update. It will show you the path through the grid - green square starts, red square ends, yellow between those points.

Like the other tools on this site, this page uses the ENABLE dictionary. If there's another open source dictionary which you think is highly relevant to your game, let us know. You should probably also look at our Hanging With Friends Solver and our Words With Friends Helper.

More From Hanging Hyena:

Looking for new puzzles and word games? We're regularly expanding our collection of puzzles and word games. Check out our Free Cryptogram puzzles if you are good at recognizing patterns. These are famous (or funny) quotes encryped with a scrambled alphabet code - if you can guess the code, you can decipher the message. Or check out our new word swapz game if you like unscrambling words. Flip letters back and forth until you manage to figure out all the words in the puzzle.

Stuck solving a puzzle? No worries, we can help with that too! We offer a wide variety of word games solvers and tools to help crack pen and paper ciphers! We have solvers for boggle, scrabble, and tools to help unscramble words. You can even use them to solve words with friends and the specialized versions of boggle (Scramble with Friends and large matrixes - 5 x 5 boggle and 6 x 6 boggle).

Finally, if you need to make a word scramble or crossword puzzle - for a class exercise, business icebreaker, party favor, or other special occaision - we've got tools for that too. You can even save you work for future events and classes. These are perfect for teachers, students, homeschoolers, coaches, sunday school teachers, and team mom / dads.

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