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Using This Worksheet Maker:

This worksheet is a cryptogram puzzle maker. Got a phrase you want to turn into a cryptogram puzzle, where the message is encrypted with a secret alphabet? Then this worksheet maker is for you! Enter your message in the box above and hit Generate. You can also specify a title and any hints you want to give your audience.

How The Cryptogram Maker Works:

This cryptogram maker generates a cryptogram worksheet, a printable cryptogram puzzle. If you're looking for an interactive puzzle, check out our cryptogram game.

The cryptogram puzzle is based on a substitution cipher where you do letter substitution mapping the letters of the alphabet to a secret code. This monoalphabetic substitution cipher was state of the art military cryptography for the Time of King Arthur. Don't worry, it's been upgraded a few times (starting with the vigenere cipher). The cipher was an upgrade from simple substitution cipher options like the caesar cipher and atbash cipher.

Today's cryptogram is a fun puzzle game. You take the encoded message, an encrypted text, and decode it using word patterns (making it a word puzzle, of sorts) and sometimes a clue. Test different letter ideas until you solve the secret code. So similar to logic puzzles and brain teasers. Many newspapers have daily cryptogram puzzles, where you decipher secret messages.

If this is not your speed, we have other worksheet makers including a crossword puzzle maker and word search maker.

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