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Using the Word Wheel Solver

Nine letters. One word game puzzle. Many words. Welcome to our word wheel solver page, which taps into the power of our world famous word solver engine. Simply enter your letters in the box above and we can get started on the word wheel puzzle.

What is the Word Wheel Solver

Simple. We have a fast word generator. It will take your nine letters (all wordwheel puzzles have nine letters) and show you the full list of possible words you can make from those letters. Behind the scenes we have an anagram word generator. This works recursively down into smaller chunks.

This is intended as word list help. You are left to solve the rest of the puzzle on your own, in terms of building words around the central letter or middle letter. (I mean, come on, we have to leave you some room for challenge and skill at finding the word puzzle answer or phrase. Think of all that free dopamine at your success vs. your friend! Point and click word cheat apps just aren't very fun! If you are confused with the results of the word unscrambler, look for a clue to narrow the possible words.)

Besides... you have ways to get a bonus word or bonus round as a contestant. We can unscramble word ideas with our word finder, you are left to handle the other players and game strategy. There are some limits. The word wheel solver is designed for puzzle game ideas where you know all of the letters, just not the right order. We expand your vocabulary to help solve new puzzle ideas. If you have a missing letter, you need a crossword solver to claim the prize. You need to handle multiple word puzzles manually (our solver will give you many answers). We don't have many proper nouns in the database (since they are often excluded from many games). Improper nouns are a completely different story! Plurals rock.

Just a bunch of fun loving activities?

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