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Some people love the mid-2010s game Destiny, and some people think it's garbage and play it anyways. Whatever you think about it, liven up your Fireteam chats with these hilarious Destiny jokes!

Why don't warlocks have a lot of exotic boots?

Because they are used to being carried.

Millions of guardians in the destiny universe...

only 6 fight the big alien demon at a time.

What do you call a sniper without a scope?

A shotgun.

Why do titans hate hunters?

Because they keep bursting their bubbles

Why did the dreg eat food off the floor?

Because it was fallen

What is the best way to deal with the "small arms" modifier?

Never skip Arms Day bro.

What sound does your phone make whenever you get a call and it says "unknown number"?


A Hunter, Titan, and Warlock are on a ship. Nolandroid suddenly decides that he needs to free up space on the ship. "We don't need this anymore," says the warlock. He throws away a couple of scout rifles. "We don't need that anymore," says the titan. He throws away some Plasteel plating.

"There are WAY too many of these lying around," says the Hunter. He throws the Warlock out of the ship.

We can spawn sparrows to explore planets.

But ships are used only for loading screens?!

Hey man, you see that guy over there?

He's enjoying Destiny 2...

He protec. He attac.

But above all else, he glitches and does not spawn bac.

Which movie does the Cabal hate watching the most?

Revenge of the Fallen.

Do you know why The Traveler is really good at handling really bad situations?

He just makes light of everything.

Why does Bungie's restaurant keep failing?

It's because they don't have dedicated servers.

Why did the Guardians cross the road?

Because the storyline was on the other side.

Player 1: Did you hear they are going to add gambling to Destiny?
Player 2: Sweet! When are they adding it? I'll finally be able to use my glimmer for something.
Player 3: Its already in the game. We call it the Cryptarch.
Player 2: Okay cool. But what can you win?

Player 3: No one wins.

Why can't Xur get a girlfriend?

Because he doesn't have enough Ice Breakers.

What will come first:

actual functional ships or an end game?

I had a swiss army knife one time...

MIDA been a Multi Tool

Looking for some great video game Destiny jokes? The best popular memes and destiny jokes are all right here for any gamer or fan of the video game, and each meme joke is sure to make any person who has played the game feel like they just found a legendary engram. Developer Bungie's Destiny has spawned some of the most popular memes and gamer jokes out there, and these are perfect for any Guardian- Titan, Warlock, and Hunter alike, to fulfill the quest of laughter and levity. Whether you think the original Destiny is trash or a great game, the humour and joke material will make you feel like you got great weapon loot, even if you think the pun is cheesy. The greatest boots or armor or weapon in original Destiny could not disarm your enemies like the humour in these jokes, and you'll become a god at making jokes out of developer Bungie's Destiny, an instant icon capable of fighting the darkness and pleasing Lord Shaxx and the Iron Lords themselves. Your ghost character and all of the Destiny 2 players will fall laughing at your greatest boots from the loot of your good Destiny jokes, and the darkness will retreat at the sound of your word. Even those Destiny 2 players who think they own esports will think you're funnier than a legendary engram, and run laughing like a spider is chasing them when you say the word of your good Destiny jokes. Your quest for fun and levity is at an end, and each pun and joke you say will make your ghost character proud, Guardian. Even if you think the game is trash, you will be the funniest person in the tower, and rule twitter and twitch with your jokes.

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