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There is perhaps no greater or more well-known fantasy story than J.R.R. Tolkien's classic Lord Of The Rings series. From the original books to the 2000s movie adaptations, there are few tales more ingrained in our society, or more suitable for tons of hilarious jokes for you to enjoy!

1. Q: What happens when Sam pulls Gandalf's finger for a second time?

A: Gandalf released Morwen.

2. Q: Why was it so hard to storm Sauron's lair?

A: Because no matter how many you opened it, there was always Mor dor!

3. Q: How many quarters does it take to play the Lord of the Rings pinball game?

A: None, it takes Tolkiens!

4. Q: What did the drunken little hobbit say when he bumped into the wizard?

A: Saruman, I didn’t see you standing there!

5. Q: Why did Frodo read The Lord of the Rings 100 times?

A: Because it was hobbit-forming!

6. Q: How did the hobbit ruin the boxing match?

A: He tried to destroy the ring!

7. Q: How many times does an elf laugh at a joke?

A: One time, when he hears it. How many times does a hobbit laugh at a joke? Twice, once when he hears it, once when he finally gets it.

7A. Q: How many times does a dwarf laugh at a joke? Three times.

A: Once when he hears it, once when it's explained to him, and once when he finally gets it.

8. I crashed a midgets wedding the other day.

I didn't like him but I just wanted to see if he would vanish after he put the ring on.

9. Your mama is so ugly...

she has the breath of an Orc, the face of a Dwarf, and the feet of a Hobbit.

10. I would like make another Lord of the Rings joke...

but all the best ones Aragorn.

11. Q: Why don't you ask a hobbit for money?

A: Because they are always a little short.

12. Q: Why are most hobbits great guys?

A: Because they do not look down on people.

13. Q: What do you call a movie about a gangster hobbit?

A: Yolo Swaggins and the Fellowship of the Bling.

14. A librarian in the midst of a small book collection is just finishing up the cataloging of his inventory and is sifting through the stacks of books to double-check his work. Suddenly, he sees a crinkled cover showing behind a shelf in the very back of the library. Confused, he steps over there quietly, reaches down, and gently wriggles the book free.

In his hands is an old copy of The Hobbit, which he knows he hasn't put in his count yet. He's never even seen this book before in his life. He quickly shuffles to the back room and sits down in his chair. Tapping away at the keys, he records the title, print date and location, and inventory code number. Unfortunately, right as he was entering the author's name into the system, about to finally finish long months of recording, he threw an unexpected Tolkien error.

15. Did you know that all of the Hobbit films were recorded in L.A.?

Yeah, you could tell by the Smaug.

Are you a fan of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, looking for some funny lord of the rings jokes that would bring down Mount Doom? Well look no further on middle earth my friend, we have the best jokes anywhere for a Lord of the Rings fan, and you'll fall laughing like Gollum into the fiery chasm of humor. The LOTR series is one of the most often referenced in pop culture, and any pun from a Lord of The Rings movie or Lord of the Rings film or book of the trilogy is sure to be met with laughter, especially these latest funniest jokes that would make the king of Gondor or Rohan or Sir Ian McKellen himself laugh so hard he turns from the wizard Gandalf into a wraith. You don't need to read elven lettering to get these LOTR jokes, even Smeagol or Samwise could find these filled with hilarity. Cut down your friends with the axe of laughter, and feel like you're enjoying a round of drinks at the Prancing Pony outside the shire. You don't have to walk to the lonely mountain or mordor and mount doom to make your friends roll on the ground laughing, just say the magic word of one of these latest funniest meme lord of the rings jokes that would make even an elf or an orc bust out laughing. No funny videos or meme could compare to these jokes from the lord of the rings trilogy, and any Lord of the Rings fan in middle earth, from Gondor to Rohan to the Shire, will find each and every pun funny enough to make Gollum himself laugh.

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