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Hey there folks! Are you a big fan of vampires? Are you really into the mystery and allure of countless legendary tales of romantic, yet all together frightening blood-sucking vamps? Well, let's add to your repertoire of vampire lore with a few vampire jokes. We've scoured the internet for some of the best. The next time your coven gets together for a serious vamp session, lighten the mood with one of these sharp-toothed laughs.

what do you give a vampire with a sore throat?

A coffin drop.

What does a vampire never say?

You're standing in my light.

What is a vampire's favorite fundraiser?

A blood drive.

Why did the vampire lose his job at the blood bank?

He was drinking on the job.

If a vampire bites a snowman,

does he get frostbite?

What's a vampire's favorite cocktail?

A Bloody Mary.

Why do vampires always use the expressway?

They were told it's a main artery.

How do you know you would suck at being a vampire?

You faint at the sight of blood.

How does a vampire take his coffee?


What do vampire's fear more than a wooden stake?

Tooth decay.

What did Count Dracula's girlfriend say after they got into a lover's spat?

You know, you're a real pain in the neck.

What class does a vampire avoid at his gym?


Vampires are actually funny,

but most of their jokes never see the light of day.

How did the vampire ask out his date?

"Hey gorgeous, do you want to go out for a bite?"

Where does a young vampire boy do number one and two?

In the little bat room.

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