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We all need a clever pick up line once in a while in order to grab the attention of the girl or boy we like and make them laugh (hopefully!). Below is a list of 20 of the nerdiest pick up lines to help you get the girl/guy or just to share with your equally geeky friends to give them a laugh!

1. My feelings for you are like dividing any number by zero... they simply cannot be defined.

(Is this supposed to be endearing or mysteriously ominous?)

2. Hey girl/boy, you must be composed of uranium because I can't see nothing but U and I together.

(Mmmm more explosive jokes are always fun)

3. Girl, you must be composed of beryllium, gold and titanium because you are absolutely BeAuTi-ful!

(I think you're Be-Au-Ti-Full of it)

4. What is a girl/boy like you doing in a place like this when there is a Star Wars marathon on the Sci-Fi channel right now?

(Subtle, my friend. Very subtle.)

5. Hey do you play Minecraft because I sure would like to play creative mode with you

(Arson is actually a felony in real life)

6. Hey do you like computers and file sharing? (yes) Good because I am easy to download and I am user friendly.

(And I come with an easily-spreading virus that you'll never be able to get rid of)

7. Girl, you must be my appendix because the feeling I get in my abdomen when I am around you make me want to take you out.

(Okay, but is appendicitis really that common? I swear every TV show ever features at least one appendectomy)

8. Hey girl/boy, this universe is chaos. What do you say you and I make a fragile human connection in this large and unsympathetic infinity?

(Existential nihilism is really, really attractive)

9. Your name must definitely be Google because you have everything I am searching for.

(Again, not a sponsored joke)

10. Hey baby, my name is Microsoft. Any chance I can crash at your place tonight?

(Of all the computer jokes to use, this one should probably be last on your list)

11. I bet when you take a selfie you don't even need an Instagram filter because you are so beautiful.

(Short, and straight to the point)

12. You are like the square root of -1 because there is no way you are real.

(You're right. You've been in a coma for nine years, it's time to wake up)

13. If I could recreate the periodic table I would make you my number 1

(Always better than being number 2 I suppose)

14. I could have sworn I had seen you before in another class. Are you sure we didn't have chemistry together?

(Nope, but the two of you are most definitely history)

15. You are an electron and I am a proton and opposites attract.

(Are you positive about this one?)

16. You had to have swallowed a magnet because I am so attracted to you

(Woah, do you have metal bones? That's sick, dude)

17. Hey you must be from Krypton too because you are naturally super.

(Careful, her X-ray vision can see right through your BS)

18. Hey babe, are you lonely because I could be your app for that.

(Nothing helps my loneliness quite like Angry Birds does)

19. If you were Captain Kirk's phaser, you would most definitely be set to stun.

(Lucky for you, otherwise you'd be dead on the spot)

20. I am trying desperately to learn the basics of HTML... how to meet ladies... can I get your name?

(Yeah, she's currently practicing how to make lasagna, call her back when you're a can of pasta sauce)

And there you have them, friends! Some of the wackiest, zaniest and funniest pick-up lines to put to the test. I should put a disclaimer here and now: Any harm, injury or legal problems that arise from use of these lines are in no way our fault. However, if they work out for you, we totally want the credit. Use them with caution! Make your dating life something you want to remember. Most importantly, always enjoy the laughs!

Looking for a great cheesy pick up line to win the love of your life nerd over with? Make instant great chemistry with any geek person with these funny jokes and nerd meme pickup line jokes. Get some kinetic energy going with your valentine as you use your humor to flirt with any girl or guy nerd or geek that you know, and make some magic happen with a cheesy line or geeky pickup line that is sure to make the two of you a homologous pair. You don't need to be a scientist or particle physicist to make great chemistry with the one you love, only a great pun and a cheesy line to get to physics with your valentine, and make some genetic superchildren from your homologous pair. Whether you're on facebook, reddit, twitter, or tinder, these great nerdy pickup lines are sure to make you the fifth fundamental force of love, and get some kinetic energy going on the periodic table with your valentine using these funny pickup lines. Don't leave the girl of your dreams on the back bunsen burner, use your humor and work some magic to flirt with her, and win the day.

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