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Boredom-Blasting Funny Naruto Jokes

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Are you a huge fan of the popular anime Naruto, featuring the character of the same name? Then you and your friends will die laughing after reading these hilarious Naruto jokes!

Naruto: "Sensei, what's the fastest way to a girl's heart?"

Kakashi: "Chidori."

How does Lee finish putting on a suit?

With his tie-jutsu

Which is better, Bleach or Naruto?

I've never used Naruto before... How well does it work on stains?

So a ninja walks through a forest and spots a rival ninja.

He throws a kunai and successfully kills him.

You know who gets under my skin?

Sakon and Ukon

Sasuke: "I think you are ABCDEFGHIJK.
Sakura: "What does that mean?"
Sasuke: "Adorable, beautiful, cute, darling, elegant, funny, gorgeous, hot."
Sakura blushes: "that's so cute but what's IJK?"



or not Tobi.

Naruto and Sasuke's kids dating:

Sarada: What do you want for dinner?
Boruto: Salad

What is Sasuke's favorite car?


What I learned from Kaguya, never break a man's heart, he only has one.

Break his bones... he has 206.

Why does Konohamaru go around saying he's Naruto's favorite pupil...

when he's his only pupil?

Why did Obito give Kakashi his Sharingan?

An eye for an eye.

Why is naruto weaker than sasuke?

Because sasuke does things single-handedly.

Who's shadier, Madara or Danzo?

Danzo, because Madara can at least light things up with his Fire Release

What does Sasuke and Harry Potter have in common?

They turned their opponent's technique/curse back on the user.

Why is kakashi considered strongest shinobi?

Cause nobody ever countered his 1,000 years of death.

What does Boruto say when he's off for a mission?

"Gotta bolt!"

Why did Madara clean his armour?

Because it had to be spotless.

Tobi, Madara and Obito walk into a bar.

He orders a drink.

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