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Blindingly Funny Solar Eclipse Jokes

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In addition to being one of the absolute coolest things in nature, solar eclipses provide some pretty good joke material too! Shine some humor on your friends today with these great solar eclipse jokes!

What did the moon say to the sun on the day of the solar eclipse?

Looks like it's my day off!

How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it!

I was so frustrated that I couldn't see the solar eclipse today!

The moon was in my way the whole time...

Teachers will not be letting their students outside to view the eclipse.

Because they need to protect their pupils!

I was told that I could view the eclipse through a colander.

I tried it, but it just strained my eyes!

Why did the teacher bring solar eclipse glasses to school?

She had bright students!

What do you call it when you fall in love during a solar eclipse?

A total eclipse of the heart!

What day is the solar eclipse happening?

I'm not sure, it is either Sunday or Moonday!

What do you call road tripping to a solar eclipse?

Going where the sun don't shine!

What did the moon bring to the beach during the solar eclipse?


How do you organize an eclipse party?

You planet!

What is the moon's favorite gum?


Why did the sun get mad at the moon?

Because the moon was overshadowing the sun!

Once, Chuck Norris got sunburn.

Then the sun got scared and hid behind the moon. That is why we have solar eclipses.

What did the sun bring to the eclipse party?

A light snack!

What did the sun say when it reappeared after the eclipse?

Pleased to heat you again!

What is the most famous painting of an eclipse?

The Moona Lisa!

What kind of underwear should you wear during an eclipse?

Fruit of the Moon!

Looking for a great lunar eclipse joke or total solar eclipse joke? Well, you can see through the twilight in your eclipse glasses to find these great total eclipse jokes right here that will kill at any solar eclipse party! Like the one in August a few years ago, every total solar eclipse lights up the world and on twitter, so it's only fitting that we give you a great solar eclipse joke, and even some lunar eclipse jokes in there. These will be hilarious on facebook and social media throughout earth, and the solar system. No funny videos or meme can be as good as the humor our team has made about monday's solar eclipse, and peoples astronomy superstitions. These hilarious jokes are great to tell anyone on any planet in the galaxy, including your mom! Tweet it on twitter for people to see everywhere on social media and laugh, or save them for the next great American eclipse in December in a few years. Take a break from that toughest job or stressful occupation you have, and laugh at the superstitions of apocalypse and other hilarious jokes about the coolest astronomical event that the eye could see, even if you need special glasses to see the magic though the darkness. Take a picture through the special glasses in the darkness too, and have some great gifs and memories of that magic astronomical event that ancient civilizations thought was the sign of the apocalypse! See it with your own eye, or take a cool picture that any scientist would be jealous of! People love these eclipse jokes, gifs, and even a meme about the great American eclipse in august, so get some laughs at your next solar eclipse party with these great eclipse jokes!

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