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Hurricanes are dangerous; everyone knows this. However, a little humor could be just what someone needs to take their mind off of the storm. Here are a few hurricane jokes because laughter is the best medicine in times of crisis.

Remember... if your house is hit by a flying dolphin, DO NOT VENTURE OUT TO SEE IF THE DOLPHIN IS OKAY!!

This is how the hurricane tricks you into venturing outside.

If you live in Florida, make sure to take a black and white picture of the hurricane when it passes you by.

I'm not sure why, but I've heard its popular to take a picture of Dorian grey and people will be just wilde about it.

Where do squirrels go in a hurricane?

All over the place!

What song is a favorite for tropical storms?

Rock You Like A Hurricane

What did the hurricane say when speaking to a group of palm trees?

Hold on to your leaves, this will be more than a breeze.

What do you get if you combine a hurricane and a card game?

A Bridge over troubled water.

The top 10 reasons that preparing for hurricane season is like Christmas season:

10. You are redecorating your house, aka putting boards on the windows and sandbags by all the doors.
9. Digging around in the garage to find all the boxes you haven't used in a year, to find camping gear, flashlights, etc.
8. Shopping in crowded stores where the hottest commodity is all gone
7. T.V. shows you normally watch aren't on, normal programming is being interrupted for specials.
6. Family comes to stay with you
5. Out of state phone calls from friends and family
4. Purchasing food you don't normally have to buy in bulk
3. Some days off of work
2. There are candles everywhere
And the number 1 reason... at some point you just might have a tree in your house!

What did one hurricane say to the other hurricane?

I've got my eye on you

The United States has three hurricane warning centers built in Florida, Hawaii and Guam. One year they all endured a hurricane within the same month. Which goes to show you that what they said in the movie Field of Dreams is true...

if you build it, they will come.

How do hurricanes see?

With one eye

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Augusta who?

Augusta wind 74 mph or higher could be the start of a hurricane.

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?
Hurricane who?

Hurry! Cane you please get away from the storm.

Why do we name the hurricanes that form?

So we can keep an eye on them.

Nothing like a hurricane to come through and make you realize what's really important in life...

internet access

If a hurricane makes you lose power, don't think of it as being stuck in a blackout.

Think about it as you have temporarily become part of the dark side.

If a hurricane is coming, try convincing it to do the hokey pokey.

Then maybe it will turn itself around.

Why does a hurricane have trouble with depth perception?

Because it only has one eye

Are you in the middle of a hurricane path prediction and are looking for some weather or hurricane jokes to make the time a little bit more funny? Well, we have all of the weather jokes for you, like a lightning bolt these will shock you and your friends and family like a tornado of humor that will leave you laughing! Hurricane forecasts are scary, and hurricanes like hurricane Harvey, hurricane Katrina, hurricane Dorian, hurricane Ophelia, and hurricane Matthew were really scary in places like Puerto Rico and the United States, so liven up your time in the hurricane path prediction with these great hilarious jokes! Each joke is funnier than twitter or social media, and will turn a tragedy like a bad weather prediction or hurricane forecast into a much more fun time, even though it may seem like mother nature is trying to rain death upon you. If you are in the hurricane prediction on the east coast, in North Carolina or Miami as a Floridian, or if you are a California resident, laugh at these funny meteorologist man and weather jokes that will make hurricane forecasting seem like a much less scary time! Like a lightning bolt, you will be shocked and swept like a tornado into a meme and funny joke, and you'll forget about the high wind speed and flooding that comes with bad hurricane forecasts. If you're in Miami or Houston on the Gulf of Mexico, or North Carolina on the east coast, anywhere in the United States or Puerto Rico inside of the hurricane prediction, you can feel as cool as a Floridian palm tree and not worry about the wind speed or flooding of your hurricane forecasts, you'll be safe and dry inside laughing at these funny weather jokes!

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