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Chemistry Pick Up Lines

Master the Opening Line

Looking to bond with a cute girl? Show her that you have chemistry with these great pickup lines for chemists!

1. If I could be anything, I wish I was adenine so I could be paired with “U.”

(Is the girl radioactive and capable of causing irreperable physical deformities?)

2. You have a habit of making my zygomaticus muscles contract whenever I see you.

(Nothing gross, they actually just make you smile)

3. Is it scorching in here? Or, is there a reaction potentially forming between us?

(Yeah, her reaction is probably walking away)

4. Whenever you enter the room, I get a sudden protracted arrhythmia. I think I am in love.

(Is this chemistry or anatomy? Asking for a friend)

5. I think we work well together. I want to stick with you like Glucose.

(Photosynthesis powers, activate!)

6. At first, I thought we were polar opposites, but then I found myself attracted to you, and I could not look away.

(I guess opposites attract...?)

7. Even if there was no longer any gravity on Earth, I would still find a way to fall for you.

(Good news! If there were no gravity on earth, we'd all die, and you wouldn't have to live up to your promise!)

8. I think the attraction between you and me is more than just universal gravitation.

(Nope, that is literally all it is, and nothing more. Sorry man)

9. If I could ever rearrange the periodic table, would make sure to place “U” and “I” were always together.

(And change the fundamental laws of chemistry as we know them?! Sure, go for it, I literally could not care less)

10. I think my evaporative cooling is malfunctioning again because you are making me sweat.

(I think this might be a nuclear reactor joke, which could power a relationship but also explode and kill thousands of innocent people... just something to keep in mind)

11. I might be a physics major, but I guarantee you will never be Bohr-ed.

(Yeah, so that was a lie)

12. I think you are made of Beryllium, Gold, and Titanium because you are the most Be-Au-Ti-Ful person I have ever seen.

(I think you're Be-Au-Ti-Full of it)

13. All the directional fields in my heart appear to point only to you.

(The only direction her heart is pointing is away from that pickup line)

14. You must be a carbon sample? Because I find myself wanting to date you.

(Fine, as long as you stay away from the part about carbon being old and dusty)

15. If I was C6 and you H12, the only thing left would be for the air to be a little sweeter.

(Yeah I really hope she understands this one because I had to do some research first)

16. If you are the battery, I will be your aluminum, and together we will light up the world.

(Isn't lighting aluminum on fire, like, really dangerous?)

17. Darling, you are a magnetic monopole because all I have is an attraction for you.

(Is that more like a tadpole or a monopoly? Now I'm imagining a baby frog with a mustache and a monacle)

18. Hey baby, want to exchange neurotransmitters?

(Yeah, crack that skull open and take a nice shot of serotonin)

19. Out of all the elements, I think you are Francium because you will always be the most attractive.

(Is this a compliment of the French or an actual chemical property?)

20. You really make my Bunsen burn.

(Yeah, gas her up, you're doing great)

21. Are you sure you are not made of copper and tellurium? Because I think you are CuTe.

(Okay this one is actually pretty good, I gotta say)

22. Are you positive you are not made of Jet Fuel, because I seem to be melting away!

(Get some ice for that burn)

23. I feel like you are a mixture of barium and beryllium because you are such a BaBe.

(What do you do with a dead chemist?)

24. You are the sodium to my chlorine.

(Take this one with a grain of salt)

25. Forget hydrogen. You will always be my number one element.

(I suppose it's better than number two)

And there you have them, friends! Some of the wackiest, zaniest and funniest pick-up lines to put to the test. I should put a disclaimer here and now: Any harm, injury or legal problems that arise from use of these lines are in no way our fault. However, if they work out for you, we totally want the credit. Use them with caution! Make your dating life something you want to remember. Most importantly, always enjoy the laughs!

Got that science whiz in your life that you'd love to form a covalent bond with? Create great chemistry between the two of you with these great chemistry pick up line jokes. On the litmus paper of hotness, that nerd girl you're going after is off the charts. Create organic chemistry so that the two of you can share oxygen, and form an even crazier exothermic reaction than uranium when the two of you mix your dna helicase. Take your sweet love life to a higher energy level with your favorite element or woman, and cause chemical attraction that can't help but create kinetic energy and an exothermic bond between the two of you. Forget chemistry class, the valence electron of love inside of you will win the day, and that nerd science girl you want will not help but have chemical attraction to your chemistry pick up line jokes and irresistible humor. The second law of love says that you two are destined to form a covalent bond, and no anaerobic respiration can get in the way of you and your chemistry pickup lines winning the girl of your dreams. Get past the activation barrier of defeat and improve your sweet love life, creating some organic chemistry with that cute girl in your chemistry class!

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