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Battle-Winning Pokemon Pickup Lines

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Do you enjoy a reasonably witty pick up line? Do you enjoy pokemon? Then look no further, because we've compiled a list of 20 Pokemon pick up lines for your daily needs. With this list, you can now share your love of Pokemon in a funny, light-hearted and maybe corny, way! So keep reading if you want to effortlessly Blast off into your next best friend's life.

1. Are you a Meowth? Because I'm feline a connection.

(And I'm feline a rejection coming on)

2. Would it be too Farfetch'd to think you'll give me your number tonight?

(Straight up? Yes.)

3. Hey, I'm a new trainer and I'm here to catch all your feelings.

(You've caught them, all right. But the real question is will she?)

4. Will you be the Plusle to my Minun?

(Yeah I'm not even gonna pretend to know how this one is supposed to work)

5. I'm a coordinator, May I Skitty into your heart?

(If I were you, I'd Skitty far away real quick)

6. Are you a Rapidash? Because you're rapidly dashing into my heart.

(Isn't that a My Little Pony? Or am I getting my early 2000s culture mixed up?)

7. What did you say your trainer name was? Mine?

(I don't think she's the one in need of training at the moment)

8. You must be a Sneasel, because you snuck into my heart.

(Get this man a tissue!)

9. Will you be the Solrock to my Starmie.

(What, are you trying to be Solmates?)

10. I'll be your fairy, if you'll be my moonstone.

(You're gonna need more than a fairy to make that wish come true...)

11. I'll be the Psyduck to your Misty. Always confused but dedicated to you.

(I'm sure she's more confused than you are at the moment)

12. Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You're such a Cutiefly,
I think I'm falling for you.

(And now she will Cutie-fly away)

13. Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam! Now you've got my heart in your hands!

(What is this, the Temple of Doom?)

14. Like a Goldeen, you make everything more beautiful just by existing.

(Okay I can't lie this one is pretty good)

15. I must be a Charmander, because I'm charmed by your fire.

(If you play with fire long enough, you're going to get burned)

16. I wish I were a Ninetails, so I could spend eight more lives with you.

(Personally, nine lives seems like way too many opportunities to strike out)

17. Ash wants to catch them all, but I just want to catch you.

(As long as feelings are the only thing you're catching from her)

18. There's a million Nurse Joys, but only one of you.

(Yes, but is she capable of resurrecting cartoon animals from the dead? i don't think so)

19. Hey, did you hit me with attract? Because I'm attracted to you.

(Ha ha, I see what you did there. Real inventive stuff)

20. Is Team Rocket around or was it you who stole my heart?

(Organ theft is definitely a felony, but who's keeping track)

Love is great. It's what drives our favorite trainers and Pokemon to be the best they can be and what brought us together as viewers, readers as well as players. What better way to express that than through cheesy pick up lines. So, while there are as many lines as there are Pokemon, hopefully we gave you enough to Meditate on like a Medichamp! Want to capture the love of your life in a pokeball like pikachu or squirtle? Use these funny pokemon joke pickup lines to score a date with that legendary pokemon person in your life! Go pokemon hunting for a cute girl, and paralyze heal her heart like jigglypuff with these great cute pokemon trainer pickup lines! Any girl or woman pokemon trainer fan would love these funny pokemon joke pick up lines, and you would win any pokemon contest when you go into battle with these lines instead of a poke ball. You'd be a good catch for any woman or guy who you have a crush on, and they'd love to be your girl friend, as you'd be an even more cute pokemon than bulbasaur or pikachu! Fill your poke ball bag with an arsenal of funny pokemon jokes, and crush the competition on tinder, online, or in real life. You're no pokemon baby or newbie, you'd win the pokemon contest of the heart of any person, girl or guy friend you have, and these lines work better than any cute pic or burn heal ever could. Team Rocket could not beat your pokeball moves with these legendary pokemon pickup lines, more powerful than charizard's tail or any string shot or paralyze heal you could use. Instead of pokemon hunting go date hunting, and you don't even need to have a cute pokemon cosplay to win this pokemon game of love. Conquer this episode and explore the cinnabar island of romance with these cute pokemon pic up lines, and win the pokemon game of scoring a date by the time you finish pokemon hunting.

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