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Looking for a funny way to get into the holiday spirit? Make your friends and family snort over Christmas dinner with these great reindeer jokes!

Why did the reindeer offer his chips to the rest of the group?

It would have been rude-olph him not to share!

What do you call a reindeer with only three legs?


What should you give a reindeer that has an upset stomach?


What do you call a reindeer wearing ear plugs?

Whatever you want to call him, he can't hear you anyway!

What do reindeer put on their Christmas Trees?


Why did the reindeer cross the road?

Because he was tied to a chicken

What does Rudolph eat for breakfast?


What did Rudolph say when he stepped in a big mud puddle?

"It must have reindeer"

Why is Rudolph always wet?

Because he is a rain deer.

Why didn't the reindeer have to go to school?

He was elf taught

What should a reindeer do if he loses his tail?

Go to a retail store and buy a new one.

Santa saw a stray deer with a big red glowing nose...he smiled and said hi to the little animal. The deer dropped his bottle of beer and screamed Uh-oh it's Santa!" And ran then just quickly darted away. Santa rubbed his chin and shook his head and said

"I think I'll call that one Rude-off."

What is the purpose of reindeer?

Well, it helps the grass and flowers grow sweetie.

If the answer to "what do you call a blind reindeer?" is no idea than what is the answer to "what do you call a blind reindeer that also can't walk?"

Still, no idea

What does Santa do with a lazy and rude reindeer?

He Sleighs them

Looking for some great Christmas puns about Santa's reindeer? Well, we can make you laugh on Christmas eve about those little red nosed reindeer that pull santa's sleigh, as each and every Christmas joke we have for you is fit to put under the Christmas tree. So many great flying reindeer pun jokes are out there, and Santa Claus is here to bring you lots of great Christmas puns to put under your Christmas tree and make any snowman melt with laughter. Whether they're male reindeer or female reindeer, those little red nosed reindeer that pull Santa's sleigh have so much material to make a flying reindeer pun, and these funny reindeer jokes will blow any Christmas decoration right off the wall, and make even santa's helper at the north pole laugh like a little kid. There are so many funny reindeer jokes about male reindeer, female reindeer, Santa's reindeer, slow reindeer, brown nosed reindeer, red nose reindeer, baby reindeer, young deer, and even who has the cleanest antlers or gets made into fur coats. Every father Christmas santa joke is like a new baby reindeer game or a new Christmas present made for you by Santa's elves at the north pole, and you can crack up any snowman or gingerbread man at your christmas party in the snow with these great jokes to get you in the holiday spirit. Open up your advent calendar for the Christmas alphabet of Santas reindeer, from the baby reindeer to the young deer and the slow reindeer all the way up to Prancer and Dancer and the whole gang of Santas reindeer that pull his sleigh to bring a Christmas present to a kid in every house around the world.

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