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Unscramble Words!

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  • hyena
  • haen
  • yean
  • yeah
  • yeh

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FAQ: Using Our Tool To Unscramble Words

How Do I Unscramble Words

You can use our word solver to easily unscramble words. Merely, enter your letters into the letter box and press the big friendly green button. This will generate a list of the words you can make from those letters. The list displays the words 10 at a time for easier reading (on desktops and mobile devices - you don't need to page up and down anymore). Use the nice green buttons (start, end, next, last) to page through the words it unscrambled. And be sure to bookmark us so you can find us again quickly!

Unscramble Words With Wildcards

If you're trying to solver a word puzzle with a wildcard character, never fear. Simply enter this wildcard in the solver as either a ? or a *. It will unscramble words which can use that wildcard tile by cycling through all the possible letters in the alphabet.

Why is specific word not listed...

This is a common support question. We designed the word solvers to be a family-friendly helper for popular word games. If you don't see a word, it is usually because:

Feedback is always welcome of course, and we can drop or add other words as we need to.

Ways To Unscramble Words

First, look for opportunities to make plurals. If you see an 'S', be ready to tack it onto the end of any word you can make with the remaining letters. The same goes if you have 'ES' or 'IES'. One cool cheat with a lot of word game programs is they check for plurals using rules rather than a dictionary, so they will accept tacking an S on the end as a good word. Expect some whining on the message screen if you do that (although the move is fair).

Next, take a look for any prefixes or suffixes. These are common sequences of letters that are used by many words in the english language. They can be another quick way to unscramble words. Find your prefix or suffix and test mixing up the other letters to make more words. For puzzles, once you're sure you know the prefix or suffix of a word, you really reduce the number of possible words you can make.

Consonant patterns are another great way to go after the possible words. If you spot a "th" or a "ch" or have two consonants and a couple of vowels, start swapping the order of the vowels around to see what words you can unscramble. Once you have an idea about the rough order of your consonants, there are a very small number of ways to arrange your vowels into words - which can speed up your solution. We had this kind of thinking in mind when we designed our word scramble game.

Additional Thoughts On How To Unscramble Words:
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