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Welcome to our printable crossword puzzles; this puzzle is from our History topic list using words related to First World War. Simply print the crossword puzzle from your browser; if you want to make changes, click the edit puzzle button and it will take you to a screen where you can edit the words and appearance of this puzzle. We've also got a word scramble maker and word search maker which uses the same wordbank.

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World War 1

Before the War to end all Wars, there was the puzzle to end all puzzles. This word puzzle uses some common vocabulary from the First World War.

1 f e r d i n a 4 n d
2 s t
a i 10 r
b 7 c o n v o y e
o 5 p n v
t 8 r e p a r a t i o n 13 s
3 g a s o l l t
g p i u a
6 v e r s a i l l e s t l
g m i e
a o m
9 l e n i n 11 l u s i t a n i a
d t
12 a r m i s t i c e e
  • 1: murdered duke (started war)
  • 3: chlorine and other chemical weapons
  • 6: treaty of ____, demanded reparations
  • 7: group of ships that travel together
  • 8: payments for damage
  • 9: Bolshevik founder
  • 11: sank by U-boats, helped us enter war
  • 12: peace treaty
  • 2: breaking enemy equipment
  • 4: Pride in one's country
  • 5: spreading ideas to help your cause
  • 10: overthrow a government
  • 13: situation where neither side can win