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Ideas for Solving The Crossword Clue: Employ

Trying to get ideas for a crossword where the clue is “Employ”? Here are some potential crossword answers to think about…

Word Length Explanation
USE 3 An obvious synonym for “employ”.
HIRE 4 Another common word that means “employ”.
WORK 4 Means to be employed and involved in a job.
JOBS 4 Plural form of “job”, which means to be employed.
LIFE 4 Slang term meaning to be employed, as in “get a life”.
GRID 4 Although usually associated with puzzles, it can be used to mean “employ”.
WORKS 5 Plural form of “work”, often used to describe a person’s employment.
LABOR 5 An alternative term for “work” or “employment”.
TASKS 5 Refers to specific jobs or assignments given to someone.
STAFF 5 Refers to a group of people employed in a company or organization.
EMPLO 5 A variation of “employ”.
WORKER 6 A person who is employed or performs work.
SALARY 6 A form of payment received for employment.
CAREER 6 Refers to a person’s profession or long-term employment.
OFFICE 6 A place of employment, usually associated with administrative work.
USEFUL 6 An adjective that can describe someone who is employable or valuable in a job.
TRADES 6 Refers to skilled jobs or occupations.
CALLED 6 Means to have been given a job or employment opportunity.
GIGGED 6 A term used in informal employment situations, often in the music or entertainment industry.
USEAGE 6 Alternative spelling of “usage”, which can mean the employment or utilization of something.
STATED 6 Refers to being officially employed or listed in a contract or document.
COMMIT 6 To dedicate or employ resources towards a particular task or purpose.
SIGNED 6 Refers to the act of contracting or agreeing to be employed.
WORDED 6 Means to express or phrase something, often employed in written communication.
USEFUL 6 An adjective that can describe someone who is employable or valuable in a job.
CALLED 6 Means to have been given a job or employment opportunity.

More on Solving Crosswords

Cracking the code of a challenging crossword puzzle, whether it’s the LA Times crossword or any other popular puzzle, demands a systematic and creative approach. Each crossword clue holds a secret to the accurate answer, and by carefully examining the clues and integrating the provided words, you can become a crossword-solving whiz.

Begin by thoroughly analyzing the crossword clue and try to decipher its hidden meaning. Look out for alternative terms, words with similar sounds, or any language tricks that might be at play. Keep in mind the number of letters required for the answer, and if it’s a special puzzle, try to identify the dominant theme, as it could offer valuable insights into potential solutions.

Crossword puzzles come in various challenge levels, so don’t get discouraged if you encounter a difficult clue. Instead, start with clues that seem more straightforward and gradually work your way up to the harder ones. Filling in the answers to the easier clues can provide beneficial letters that may unlock the solutions to the more complex ones.

Let’s take an instance: the clue “Ruler of the pharaohs.” The word “ruler” hints at a leader or monarch, and “ancient Egypt” narrows it down to “the royal figure,” which would be the precise answer.

If a particular clue leaves you stumped, take a pause and return to it later. Sometimes, giving your brain a pause can lead to a eureka moment when you see the clue from a different perspective.

A well-supplied vocabulary is a great advantage for crossword enthusiasts. Use resources like lexicons or wordbooks to broaden your lexicon and acquaint yourself with less common or old-fashioned words that might surface in puzzles.

In conclusion, solving crossword puzzles is a delightful exercise for word enthusiasts. With careful observation, creative thinking, and perseverance, you can triumph over even the most intricate crosswords. By integrating the provided words and following these approaches, you’ll become a more adept solver, unraveling the joys of completing crossword puzzles and savoring the contentment of finding the accurate responses. Happy puzzling!

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Ideas for Solving The Crossword Clue: Employ
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