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A Brief Note on the "Reasonable" Use of Online Word Game Solvers

Be a Good Sport and Don't Win Every Game

I like to play chess, which is something of a family thing. As an adult playing with other adults, we tended to play a serious game - no talking, focused, etc. However...when I'm playing with my children (who are single digit age), I don't want to win every game. I need to scale things back a bit to make it fun - give them my queen (either directly at the start of the game or through a "mistake"), limit the number of traps, etc. Everybody needs a chance to win to make it fun.

This site is intended to make the game more fun for everyone, not necessarily to let you win every game. It helps you:

It takes more than a dictionary to win every game. This site can help, but doesn't replace skills like knowing how to patch a short word into a crowded board (to get the last triple word space) or playing multiple words at once. Or the intuitive side of hangman - given a list of 5 words, you may notice that one is a natural fit with the other player's style.

The point is, it's a game - go have fun. Treat others like you would like to be treated. If you must ruthlessly crush everyone who stands in your path, seek professional help. If you want to learn some new words, improve your skills, make the game more fun, and prank the occaisional cheater, you've come to the right place.

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