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Stuck trying to unscramble anagram puzzles? Need to know the anagram for simplify? Never fear, our anagram finder is here to help save the day. This anagram decoder can build any anagram from letters you give it. It can even use wildcard characters to solve difficult puzzles (anagram solver wildcard). Some people refer to this as an anagram solver with blanks.

The anagram maker will rank the word list by word length. This will give you a large number of usable words you can build into a new word or phrase. The string of letters from your original word will be spun into a list of many words from the English language. This version is designed to yield a single word - if you need a multiple word anagram unscrambler, drop us a line - your input is appreciated.

The anagram dictionary does not include names or proper nouns and these will not appear in the list of potential anagrams. The remaining letters are discarded and we show the longest word first. Behind the scenes, we have a fast anagram dictionary of English words that explores every permutation of your letters to find anagram options. This gives consideration to any prefix, suffix, vowel, or consonant in our language text file. If any particular word is missing, let us know.

Be careful where you use it, or you may have people complain about being an anagrams cheat. It works great for anagram and scrabble games. It was even tagged "anagram solver words with friends" in a recent capabilities assessment. So it really does work for a very broad range of uses.

How does it work? The anagram generator works off a very fast anagram dictionary. This word solver can find anagrams very efficiently using pattern matching technology. The anagram builder spins through the possible combinations of letters to find full (anagram words that use all of the letters) and partial anagrams (word anagram using only some of the letters letters you provide it). (To be clear, this is not an acronym solver - it looks for words, not meaning).

Other Anagram Creator Tools

We have other tools, particularly if you are trying to find words with these letters in them. This anagramsolver shows you the word jumble solution, where you unscramble letters to make words. If you are trying to pattern match, we have other tools. If you are trying to guess a missing letter, check out our hangman solver. The hangman solver also works fairly well as a cross anagramsolver if you know some of the letters (pattern matching). We also have another anagram solver for wheel of fortune that can handle multiple words. If you are trying to match a pattern of unknown letters (eg. an 5 letter word, first and last letter the same), check out our cryptogram helper.

In the event you get bored of using our online anagram solver, of course....

anagram solver Games & Puzzles

If you like solving word scramble puzzles, check out our new word scramble game. We did give a little additional help by color-coding the correct letters (green means you got it, red means keep trying).

We've also a cryptogram solving game. These puzzles are based on substitution cipher codes, where each letter has been swapped with another letter. Your job is to figure out which letter is which and decode the message. The game keeps track of how long it takes to solve each puzzle and lets you know how your score compares with others. This article about how to solve a cryptogram may also be helpful.

The next step up from using our word puzzle solver is outright code cracking. If you like cracking codes, you may also find our article about pen and paper cryptograph interesting. We walk through some of the building blocks of manual cryptography (pre-World War I) and how these codes were broken. Those with a technical bent may find our presentation on breaking substitution ciphers via computer to be interesting as well.

More From Hanging Hyena:

The name of the game in using anagram solver is not to try and figure out the answer to a word puzzle but to try and make words from these letters. It has been said that children in school who get excellent grades often go on to excel in school and even college. This may be true, but there are also those who do not do so well at school and are left behind, having a lower grade point average or GPA.

Anagram solver is a great educational tool which will help to teach your child how to use letters and numbers. When using anagram solver, the child will learn how to recognize and write the alphabet by using these letters. This tool also teaches the basics of reading, writing and spelling as well as playing games such as letter matching.

The words in a newspaper are usually scrambled. A word scrambler will help your child find words that make sense together. The main purpose of using a word scramble solver is to help the child get used to the sound of the letters and the different sounds that can occur.

The letters in the dictionary will not make sense if the letters are put together in different ways. A person who cannot read will rely on these words and not understand them unless they understand what the words mean. A good way to solve this problem is to learn how to read.

What if you have a child who loves to read but is not allowed to watch the news on television? Should you allow the child to read the newspaper when they can? You can give them an anagram solver to help them make words from these letters. The idea is to be creative in making words from these letters by coming up with words that begin with certain letters and ending with others.

Before the parents agree to let their child read the newspaper, they need to make sure that the words are safe for their child. Some words may be hurtful and not appropriate for young minds. There are some words that should be avoided as well. For example, words that could be associated with drugs or other harmful substances should not be used in the newspaper.

If you are tired of all the different newspapers in the paper, why not play a similar game online? The idea is to click on the letters to make the word you want. Once you have made your words, you can see what the words look like and then try to rearrange them. However, it is important to note that anagram solver does not let you rearrange the letters in a standard manner.

You can make new words by putting different letters together. You can use words that mean the same things, or you can use the letters in various styles and forms to make words. If you can use these letters to find words together, you will have fun working on your anagram solver and also help the kids in the class to learn something new and helpful.

Finally, if you need to make a word scramble or crossword puzzle - for a class exercise, business icebreaker, party favor, or other special occaision - we've got tools for that too. You can even save you work for future events and classes. These are perfect for teachers, students, homeschoolers, coaches, sunday school teachers, and team mom / dads.

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