About Us

The idea for this site was conceived late one night somewhere on Southern Alabama while driving at full speed down the Interstate. Fortunately, we decided to defer coding it up until we arrived…

This blog is focused on crunching data about word games and puzzles – generally for strategy articles and “player assistance”, although we’ve been having some fun with anagram analysis over on Twitter. The main site features a word solver tool and a word builder tool, which we enhanced with additional analytics over the next few months. We now have a broad assortment of solvers including a hanging with friends cheat, a scrabble helper, a words with friends helper, a anagram word solver, a Word Pattern Finder, a scramble with friends cheat, and a jumble solver.

While not our first software application, this is the first website we’ve produced that is open to the general public and I’d like to thank our friends in the Atlanta technical community who helped guide us through the process and patiently answered our questions. In particular, I’d like to thank my friends at PyATL, AtlantaPHP, and some of the Atlanta area javascript experts for their assistance.

The main site and supporting analytics modules are Python powered and use the Bottle.py framework for handle dynamic requests. Static content moves through nginx, which has been a joy to use. The front end uses JQuery UI – which is another awesome tool.

One fun aspect of the site is how our mascot, the Hyena, came to life in the early site design and promotional efforts and acquired his own personality (sneaky fellow).

Other details about us? Read the blog 🙂

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