Mastering Mobile Strike – Play for Free

Within the first couple of minutes of playing mobile strike, their revenue model becomes very apparent. The game owners want you to BUY GOLD. In big flashy ads that keep popping up.

There’s nothing wrong with spending money on the game. Indeed, if you want to play at the very highest levels of your state, you most likely WILL need to spend and can potentially get a ton of enjoyment from your upgraded base. Machine Zone makes a serious effort to provide the paying players with a better overall game experience through various benefits and access to upgrades. Trust me, there’s a huge difference in whizzing around your state in a Level 21 base with Tier 4 Troops (and likely a whole lot of them) than a low-level base wondering why you just had sand kicked in your face.

That being said, Mobile Strike is perfectly playable without spending money. My primary account has been a non-spending player since the game started and experienced many fun parts of the game. I’m currently the Leader (Rank 5) of a top 20 alliance in my state, was an active player in the third largest alliance prior to that, and have placed well (leader board awards) in many state vs. state events. Along the way, I’ve made friends and settled more than a few grudges with neighbors and other pests.  My statistics are easily as good as many paying players (XX MM power with just under a million kills).

In fact, learning how to play the game as a free player actually makes you a better paid player: you know how to use your gold and other resources wisely, so you get more playing value from them. This is huge. Speaking as the leader (Rank 5 player) for a decent sized alliance, my largest challenge with coaching new players is folks spending too much on the game before they understand how to use gold wisely. There’s usually more than one way to get what you want in Mobile Strike and the costs vary widely.

Playing For Free

Intelligently playing for free comes down to four basic activities:

  • Knowing when, where, and how to get gold
  • Using other resources intelligently to avoid spending gold (this is HUGE)
  • Intelligently using construction and combat bonuses
  • Avoiding catastrophic losses

Notice I didn’t say anything about cheats or hacks. I’ve never needed them. There’s actually a huge skill component to Mobile Strike – a well managed account can accomplish five or ten times as much per unit of gold than a poorly managed one. Learning how to play skillfully can be a ton of fun.

Opportunities are everywhere:

  • Going to war with another player? You can easily double or triple the effectiveness of your troops by choosing the right commander skill tree, equipment, and troop mixes.
  • Want to boost your kill statistics? There’s a time and place to attack to do this… and several other situations where attacking is a complete waste of time and gold (and only helps the other player improve their statistics).
  • Need to spend money to win a state vs. state challenge? There’s an obvious (expensive) way to accomplish this and smart way; I usually spend almost nothing on state vs. state and have consistently bagged leader board awards for myself and my alliance.
  • Earn a place on the hit list of your ruling alliance? There are cheap ways to stay safe – and continue to build your power when they won’t let you farm…. (lol, we’re always in trouble)

These strategies aren’t just for free players. In fact, mastering these skills will make you a much more effective paying player who will ultimately stick with the game for a longer period of time. Someone who spends $300 in their first day and gets zero’ed (all troops killed) by a larger player is a loss to the game. I’d rather see that person spend the money slowly, level up a nice base, and stick with the game. These are the kind of players who help keep an alliance running!

So read on!

Welcome to Mastering Mobile Strike!

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