Mobile Strike – Protect Troops and Commander

Mastering Mobile Strike:

Getting your army flattened by an opponent can seriously hold back your progress in Mobile Strike.

Unfortunately, combat in Mobile Strike is very much like modern warfare. There’s a lot of dancing around, with one or the other combatant in a “safe zone”. When the actual fight happens, you can usually predict the outcome just by comparing the experience level and number of troops involved. Knowing how to avoid being hit – or lure opponents to where they can be hit – is critical to success.

Good Defensive Options:

Peace Shields: An obvious yet highly effective solution. Anything inside your wall is secure after you pop a peace shield. Troops, Commander, Resources… all safe. The main drawback is the expense; usually you need to be buying at least three day shields if you want to pursue this route – and that requires a regular supply of gold. You also need to carefully watch the timing of when the shield drops.

Ghost Rallies: This works best with a weak or inactive target; do NOT select a member of a strong alliance as the target. Or, god help you, the ruling alliance. That was a lovely email to receive; one of our noobs decided to target a senior player from the largest alliance in our state. They decided to “stop by” our hive with a couple of friends to “discuss” the situation in person.

In any event, a fake rally involves setting up a rally against a target that is unlikely to react. Set the rally for 8 hours in the future. Contribute your commander and as many troops as you can to the rally. Be sure to cancel the rally before it goes off in 8 hours. This option is free and your troops are safe as long as the rally is active.

Three drawbacks from this method:

  • Resources stored on your base are NOT safe from enemy attack; they can still clean you out. Send excess resources to the bank.
  • Any troops not included in the rally are not safe; consider sending them to another base.
  • If the rally goes off by accident (you forget to cancel) and your rally deployment starts moving towards the target, you can be very exposed during this trip. You are unable to shield until the deployment returns and there is a chance someone may follow it home and attempt to capture your commander before you shield. Be cautious about this.

Join an Alliance Rally: Same general idea as the ghost rally. You contribute troops to a rally set by someone else in the rally. They cancel before the rally goes off.

A couple of downsides:

  • You’re dependent on them to cancel; there’s no way to withdraw without them.
  • Your troops are exposed while they travel to and from the other base. In the event someone decides to follow them home, they may be able to capture your commander.
  • You cannot protect your commander via this method; this works decently for excess troops that your own ghost rally cannot protect.

Reinforce a Friendly Shielded Base: If the other base has an embassy, you can send a deployment of reinforcements who can wait behind their shield. You cannot protect your commander via this method; this works best for extra troops your own ghost rally cannot protect.

Hospitals: Hospitals are a fantastic investment, particularly if you have high level troops. Basically, any troop “killed” on your base will be merely “wounded” if they are below your hospital capacity. Wounded troops can be healed for 1/5 the cost of training a new troop. I’ve saved many millions of lives using hospitals to protect my troops.

A second trick – if you participate in state vs. state kill events – is to allow the main body of your troops to be hospitalized. Most state vs. state kill events are immediately followed by a “gain power” challenge. Healing your troops counts towards this challenge. I’ve won plenty of gold during these challenges by “healing up” the troops injured in the state vs. state events.

One thing to watch – hospitals are a first come, first served deal. If you have a large contingent of Level one troops alongside higher level T3 / T4 soldiers, be wary of filling up the hospital with cheap troops. When the second or third attack lands and kills your expensive high level troops, there won’t be room to save their lives.

Defenders > Deployment Size: This strategy works against individual aggressors. It does NOT work against rallies. Indeed, it will probably cause someone big to rally you. But in any event…

If you have a sufficiently large army (around 1MM high level troops), it becomes prohibitively difficult to attack you. Single players drop out much earlier (their deployment size is always outnumbered). You are still vulnerable to large groups of high level players who are willing to accept the loss to zero you.

Party at the Black Market: You can hide your commander at the black market to keep them safe. Note: we’re not sure if Vegas rules apply….

Trust Your Ruling Alliance When They Declare a NAP: <maniacal laughter>

In theory, the ruling alliance can declare a Non-Aggression Period for the entire state. Supposedly, nobody will attack your base during that time. They said.

Scoundrels, all of them. I’ve lost a huge number of troops during ruling alliance NAP’s. Never trust weird people who play games on their cell phone. Always keep your commander safe.

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