Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

Congratulations! You’ve built your first trap account and want to take it out for a spin at your next state vs. state event. This should be fun!

Racking up kills as a trap requires mastering the art of deception. At their essence, all games are conversations between their players, with the moves of the game forming a language. We’re going to learn how to lie…

Let’s start by thinking like your target. The better you understand the target and what they are looking for, the easier it is to lie to them that you are their preferred dish of the day. The goal is to look super delicious, like free kills there for the taking. You WANT them to laugh at you on the way in. Cocky, overconfident…

The ideal target is a wallet warrior who doesn’t have much combat experience in mobile strike. They’re likely very high power – easily five million to twenty million – but acquired this very quickly, by spending a lot of gold. They understand raw force (swamp the enemy with troops) but haven’t invested much time in the details of bonuses. Learning about scouting and intelligence gathering is something they’ve never put much energy into. Honestly, who needs scouting when you’re strong enough to just show up and sack a medium sized hive without much risk.

The larger alliances, who run the game, use two things to spot up and coming talent. Kills and State vs. State event participation. Ambitious players who want to move up need to rock the state vs state event statistics. This usually turns into a series of solo raids, looking for targets to pad their kills statistics. You usually need a couple of million kills to get the attention of the top alliance. So in your mind, become THAT GUY. Think about what they are looking for.

So what does the ideal target look like (if you’re playing this raider)?