Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

It can be hard to play trap if you’re flying the colors of a major alliance. The enemy is usually aware of who the top dogs are and suspicious when one of their members is playing vulnerable. I also suggest handing off any rank markers to a trusted friend for the kill event. Rank 5 players (alliance leaders) are rarely clueless. I usually pass my rank (I’m an R5) to a trusted R4 and play as a dopey looking Rank one.

There are a couple of good options for drawing in opponents if you’re with a major alliance.

The first is to accompany a large hive attack, where four or five major bases raid a major enemy hive. This inevitably results in a whole pile of panic on the other side, with a bunch of enraged players trying to find a target to hit back against. And they aren’t taking their time to carefully look at statistics. Anti-scout can also work well here, since you’re not trying to act like you’re not in the fight. Many raiders will trigger anti-scout to make it harder for the enemy to intelligently counter-attack them. Act like a middle level player along for the ride with your big dogs and let mid-level enemy players come to you.

Lurking in a farm alliance can also work fairly well. The enemy is usually happily romping and stomping through the fields of corn until they encounter you. Whoops!

Players with smaller alliances can lurk in the center of a hive. This will usually give you additional time to tweak your gear and troops before the attack arrives, since the typical attacker will go after the outer areas first.

Next up, my favorite trick for higher level trap accounts with the ruling alliance….