Tricks for Trap Accounts – Doing The Most Damage

So if you’re thinking like our imaginary wallet warrior raider, these are good qualities of a target:

  • A casual player whose shield expired while they are offline
  • Enough power to have troops – need something to kill
  • Clueless – economy or research gear, not fighting
  • Sitting with sheep or farms instead of killers
  • Doing dopey things

Lets start with the art of looking like you’re offline.

Most serious mobile strike players are shielded for a large portion of the time. There are just too many ways for someone to try to kill your troops and capture your commander. You need to stay protected.

Unfortunately, shield eventually expire. And for a casual player, they never drop at the right time. I’ve only had my commander executed twice – and in both cases, it happened within minutes of my shield dropping. I tend to roll with the troublemakers, so the ruling alliance was on top of me instantly.

When acting offline, you want to make sure your statistics don’t show any changes during the event. Here’s a quick list of things not to do.

  • Don’t complete buildings or research (avoid using speedups to complete a project)
  • Don’t train or heal troops – this will increase your power.
  • Don’t do missions – this will boost your loyalty (the statistic most traps forget)
  • Don’t redeem loyalty script at the company store (another common mistake)
  • Don’t hit the alliance help button (this has a couple of effects)
  • Don’t open alliance gifts (risk of getting “loyalty script”)
  • Don’t send people resources – this is easy to spot on the player statistics tab
  • Don’t change your player gear

The logic here is simple. Most good raiders will be watching their targets statistic’s carefully before attacking. If they see any changes – in your power, loyalty, or alliance participation metrics –  or any swaps in your gear, they know you’re online and a greater threat.

Now that we’re looking nice and asleep, lets talk about hiding that army (next page)…